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Little World, Minimal Stuff at the 2016 New York Encounter

Little World, Minimal Stuff

US, UK and MoreDino D'agata

"Both artists prompted Italian culture to be open to diversity and to foreigners. They taught us how not to be afraid." Giorgio Vittadini presented the 2016 New York Encounter exhibit "Little World, Minimal Stuff" on Giovanni Guareschi and Enzo Jannacci.

Giulio Piscitelli. Photo by Gina Lopez

Longing for the Sea ... and Leaving the Harbor

US, UK and MoreSuzanne Tanzi

"Hope is at the root of all migrations; it is the biggest motivator. And this is true for us, too." Photographer Giulio Piscitelli and Msgr. Ronald Marino discussed the issue of immigration at the 2016 New York Encounter.

Christian Wiman. Photo by Brenda Abdelmesih

Spurred by the Promise of Happiness

US, UK and MoreCharles Atkinson

"God goes, belonging to every riven thing he’s made / sing his being simply by being / the thing it is.” Poet Christian Wiman spoke of poetry, faith and recognition at the 2016 New York Encounter opening event.

The Shaw Street Collective. Photo by Alexander Vu

Poetry Amidst the Skyscrapers

US, UK and MoreDino D'Agata

The Shaw Street Collective accompanied poetry readings and dance at the 2016 New York Encounter.

Woman in meeting. CC0 License

Is Business Worth It?

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

“It is impossible to be truly creative without a positive gaze on the present.” James Biber, Dario Snaidero and Roberto Snaidero discussed the foundations of a healthy business at the 2016 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Jackie Aldrette, Joakim Koech and Chris Blattman. Photo by Maria Ramos

A Humble Approach to Ending Poverty

US, UK and MoreKristin Hurd

Paolo Carozza, Chris Blattman, Joakim Koech and Jacie Aldrette discussed world poverty at the 2016 NY Encounter.

Students at the University Lagos. Traces

The Newness of Lagos

US, UK and MoreLuca Fiore

The Nigerian metropolis is the second stop on our journey in Africa, with its threats from Boko Haram and the slums. This is where a group of bored young Christians rediscovered faith.