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Helping to study (photo by Aldo Gianfrate)

Avsi Tents Campaign/2: A task of "Ten Minutes"

Current EventsSilvia Guidi

A house that is open to families in some areas of Milan, Turin and Madrid. The Sisters of Charity of the Assumption take care of adults and children, nursing them and helping them study. Another project from the 2019/20 Campaign.

Encuentro Santiago 2019

Chile: If a good for all were built in Santiago

Current EventsEduardo Fredes Seleme

At Encuentro Santiago the violence and chaos of the last years are still in people’s eyes. But, this weekend, in the South American capital, there was talk of dialogue, education and the encounter with diversity. In a setting of music and exhibitions.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

AVSI Tents Campaign/1: Lebanon, a home for all

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

The title of this year's campaign is: "Get in the game with us – the new generations, protagonists of the world”. Projects in the Amazon, Syria, Venezuela, Mozambique and Italy. A new centre for Syrian refugees will be built in Lebanon.

Spain: We need people who are free

Current Events

On 10 November, Spain returns to the polls, once again, for a general election. The fourth in four years. The CL community in Spain has published a flyer on the elections.

Fr. Mauro Lepori (photo: Filmati Milanesi)

Democracy? It was born from charity

CultureMaurizio Vitali

The Charta Caritatis, which regulated relations between Cistercian abbeys, celebrates its 900th anniversary. It has much to offer to those who reflect on the crisis of democratic institutions. Father Mauro Lepori and Stefano Zamagni discussed it in Milan.


Amazonia/4: The treasure of a wise man

ChurchJulián de la Morena

Venezuela, on the slopes of Mount Roraima, Theodore and his Catholic people hadn’t seen a priest for a long time. The story of a casual encounter and the beginning of a friendship.

In the village of Matazanis, in Chiapas, Mexico

Amazonia/3: Waiting for Jesus to knock on the door

ChurchJulián de la Morena

In Chiapas, a village of Native American farmers, several hours by jeep from "civilization". People, from the mountains, gather to welcome a priest who comes to celebrate Holy Week.

The book presentation in Milan

"Those who have not found the Heaven below, will fail of it above”

CultureMaurizio Vitali

Does Christianity still have something to say to our societies? La scommessa cattolica, the book by Chiara Giaccardi and Mauro Magatti, presented in Milan with Massimo Recalcati, Julián Carrón and Mario Calabresi, attempts to answer this question.


AMAZONIA /2: The potter and what Nietzsche could not have imagined

ChurchJulián de la Morena

Guillermina lives in Ocotlán de Morelos, Mexico. She is a craftswoman with ten children. "Clay is earth, water, fire and air, but without me it's nothing. When I have a mass of clay, I pray and do not use moulds.” This is what her work teaches her.

The Russia Cristiana headquarters in Seriate

Russia Cristiana: Being Christian in the age of particularism

CultureLuca Fiore

The annual conference entitled "Universality and special stories. The vocation of the Church". Fr. Francesco Braschi: "What is happening in Europe, among both the Orthodox and Catholics, is a challenge to our faith".

John Henry Newman. Illustration by Roberto Abbiati.

Newman’s living idea

ChurchGiuseppe Pezzini

He is the first English saint of the modern age. From the October issue of Traces, Professor Ian Ker, the leading expert on Newman's life and work , presents a portrait of the man, intellectual, pastor and prophet of the contemporary church.

Fr. Julián de la Morena in Chiapas, Mexico

Amazonia /1: "I, modern traveller, amongst the indigenous"

ChurchJulián de la Morena

“We have come to contemplate the peoples”, said Francis, at the opening of the Synod. In a series of articles, Julián de la Morena, missionary in Latin America, recounts his encounters with indigenous Christians. Simple people, but of great human stature.

Cardinal Serafim Fernandes de Araújo

Fr. Giussani's friend at Belo Horizonte


Cardinal Serafim Fernandes de Araújo has died at the age of 95. He accompanied the movement in Brazil since the Sixties. Speaking about Fr. Giussani, he said: “He made everything pass through that diamond that is Christ".

John Henry Newman

Cor ad cor loquitur part III: Newman's third conversion

ChurchGiuseppe Pezzini and Michela Young

For the occasion of the canonisation of John Henry Newman on 13th October, we re-propose extracts from the Newman exhibition, which developed Pope Benedict XVI's reading of Newman's life as a threefold journey of conversion. A journey for us all.

The meeting with Azurmendi, Franceschini e Cotelo

EncuentroMadrid 2019: Have we found our human face?

Current EventsElena Santa María

A weekend full of encounters, conversations and dialogues. From protagonists of the Bible to the legacy of Václav Havel, from the challenge of school to the drama of forgiveness. The same question emerges: where is the 'I' born?