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Newspaper. Creative Commons CC0

To Be Provokers of the Common Life

CultureAlberto Savorana

Traces brought together a group of journalists. The starting point was a judgment from Fr Giussani on their responsibility for education, on the same level as that of teachers. Here is what came out of it

Church in Carate Brianza, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

A Method at Work

SchoolEmilia Vergani

“The art of the educator is to make a proposal so that the young person may be in a condition to grab onto it.” Emilia relates her experience in education at the In-presa Center–an outreach center for disadvantaged youth–in Carate Brianza, Italy.

Lima, Peru. Wikimedia Commons

The university in the Andes Forming Free Men

SchoolDado Peluso

Created four years ago in a populous quarter on the outskirts of Lima at the initiative of Bishop Lino Panizza, the University continues to grow. Its secret: a friendship that spans the ocean.

'Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles' by Artist Duccio di Buoninsegna via Wikimedia Commons

Education: Mercy in Action

SchoolPaola Ronconi

Two teachers and a carpenter. Three testimonies on the centrality of education in human experience, which everybody forgets. In the Movement, education takes concrete form as a continual exaltation of the “I” in its relationship with all of reality.

Freetown, Sierra Leone. Wikimedia Commons

A Clear Gaze

Current EventsErnest Sesay

The testimony of Ernest Sesay, from Sierra Leone at the International Council of CL Responsibles in La Thuile, Italy.

A Market in Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commons

Oasis of Hope

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

Four days in Lagos. The Memores Domini house, the presentation of "The Risk of Education," a visit to St Kizito’s Clinic, meeting with the CLU youth. In the dramatic reality of Nigeria, where Christ can be encountered every day.

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio. Via Wikimedia Commons

Fiction and Reality

CultureLuca Marcora

In motion pictures, since the end of World War II to our own day, the figure of Christ has interrogated and continues to interrogate audiences, asking them, “Who do you say I am?”

Jesus Christ Superstar. Wikimedia Commons

Like in a Movie

CultureLuca Marcora

A review of more than 150 years of film history reflecting on attempts to answer Jesus’ question to His Apostles: “Who do you say I am?” From the origin of film through Hollywood’s post-war spectacular epic years.

Blessed Virgin Mary. Wikimedia Commons

Wind of War: the Pope's War

ChurchJohn Paul II

The Pope is for peace, he is not a pacifist. Only the peace of God can restore hope to mankind. The Holy See’s concern in the Pontiff’s most recent statements.

Jonathan Edwards. Wikimedia Commons

The Thinker of Puritan New England

ChurchElisa Buzzi

Called a “fire and brimstone preacher”- Edwards was a strong defender of the intellectual tradition of Puritan theology and the “Great Awakening,” during a period that saw the spread of an Enlightenment, deistic type of rationalistic mentality.

The Trevi Fountain. Wikimedia Commons

The Freshness of a New Encounter

Current EventsPeter Stockland

At the Beginning Day held in Montreal, on October 18th, Peter Stockland, Editor-in-Chief of "The Gazette," related his impressions after his journey to Italy.

Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga

On the Death of a Father

ChurchValerio Valeri

Remembering the Cardinal and Archbishop Emeritus of Nairobi, the most important figure in the history of the Movement in Kenya. He fostered and accompanied the steps of a presence, to the last. The CL community’s final salute.

New York City. Wikimedia Commons

The Embrace of a Companionship

Current EventsMark Danner

Over 200 people gathered for the Happening, together for a desire of happiness. Fr Rich Veras gave the opening meditation, followed by three testimonies.

Portrait of Richard Rorty. Wikimedia Commons

American Optimism from the Past to the Present

Current EventsGiuseppe Zaffaroni

Reflections about the intellectual currents threatening the American tradition, taking a cue from the thought of Richard Rorty, one of the most significant figures of “post-modern” pragmatism.

'Christ Washing the Apostles' Feet' by Artist Dirck Van Baburen via Wikimedia Commons

Little Mado and the Other War Children

Current EventsBepi Berton

Mado has a malformation and can't talk, but she make herself understood. Salam has polio, but he walked the Way of the Cross on crutches. There are many more children who've found hope at St Michaels Hospitality Center. We thank Fr Bepi for his testimony.

'A Jewish Wedding' by Artist Jozef Israëls via Wikimedia Commons

The Unity of Marriage Is Possible Only with God

Current EventsMaurizio Maniscalco

An interview with the rabbi about his new book, "Adam & Eve. Marriage Secrets from the Garden of Eden," published by Paulist Press. Starting from the experience of the original couple, a look at the problems of couples today.

Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms. Wikimedia Commons

Approaching American Protestantism

Current EventsElisa Buzzi

Giussani’s book contains judgments about American Protestantism that are still valid today, more than thirty years after the first edition was written. An “informational” book, it starts from the Puritan origins and goes up to the 1960s.

Kampala, Uganda. Flickr

Rose Receives a Prize. A Presence Rewarded

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

The little nurse from Kampala committed to working with AIDS victims has received the prize given by the Path to Peace Foundation, presented by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations.

Pentecost. Wikimedia Commons

More than a Group of Friends

Current Events

For 4 days 65 university students and professors from the Eastern US met at Blue Knob Ridge near Altoona, Pennsylvania, for the annual summer vacation, whose theme was “Utopia and Presence.” Notes from the closing moments of the vacation:

J.H.H. Weiler. Wikimedia Commons

Christianity Is Not a Private Affair

Current EventsAndrea Simoncini and Marta Cartabia

JHH Weiler, of NYU, has studied the process of European integration for more than 25 years. His is a clear and provocative judgment on the Europe forming. Against the so-called neutrality of the new Constitution, a defense of the value of faith.

'The Crowning with Thorns' by Caravaggio via Wikimedia Commons

Statism Does not Create Man, It Destroys Him

Current EventsDavid Forte

The person before the State. Notes from the talk given at the Cultural Center of Milan on May 19th by David Forte, a Law Professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.