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'Free Curve to the Point' by Wassily Kandinsky via Wikimedia Commons

The Individual, Freedom, and the State: The Problem of Belonging

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

Excerpts from the talks given by the Monsignor from New York in Genoa, Milan, Turin, and Bologna, invited by the Italian Association of Cultural Centers. A conference about liberal America that examines itself on the future of democracy.

Teacher with her Students. Flickr

Educating is a Risk

SchoolLuigi Giussani

In 1983, the parents and teachers of the Milanese school San Tommaso Moro had a conversation with Fr. Giussani. Here we offer notes from that encounter. Out of a man's experience of faith come realism and creativity.

Pope John Paul II. Flickr

A Place of Grace

ChurchAndrea Tornielli

At the second Special Assembly for Europe Pope John Paul II reminds Europe that the Catholic "... invitation to hope is not founded on a utopian ideology ... it is on the contrary, the unfailing message of salvation proclaimed by Christ."

Separation of Church and State. Flickr

Rethinking Education in the United States

SchoolMaurizio Crippa

Although it is a country culturally and structurally informed by religious values, for the United States the distinction between Church and State is a sensitive topic. Here we examine how this affects public funding of private, religious schools.

Luigi Giussani

The "Encounter" of the Editor

CultureLuca Doninelli

" is the recognition that we have of the knowledge we have gained through the encounter, through the event, and thus the choice, using reason, to adhere."

Canada Flag Map. Wikimedia Commons

The Conscience of Canada

Current EventsJohn Zucchi

The French edition of The Religious Conscience in Modern Man is presented. Intellectuals and theologians in a loyal confrontation with the thought of Father Giussani. A good beginning.

Luigi Giussani

Charism and Mandate

ChurchLuigi Giussani

The address by Luigi Giussani at the seminar organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity on "Ecclesial Movements and New Communities in the Bishops' Pastoral Responsibility"

'Resurrection of Christ' by Marco Basaiti via Wikimedia Commons

The Youth of the Faith

SchoolGianni Mereghetti

Six thousand high school students in Rimini for the Easter Triduum. Fragments of new humanity in a generation that has not given up. A living Christianity.

Vedran Smailović playing in the partially destroyed National Library in Sarajevo in 1992. Wikimedia Commons

The War Seen from the United States

Current EventsRodolfo Casadei

What errors in judgment led the United States to attack the Federation of Yugoslavia? And what could be the consequences of a decision considered irrational not only by the Pope, but also by many others in the world?

The Brooklyn Bridge. Wikimedia Commons

Over The Bridge, Towards Destiny

Current EventsLorna Beretta

The traditional Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge. Promoted by CL and proposed to the whole city. The arrival in Manhattan.

David Dancing Before the Lord. Wikimedia Commons


CultureDavide Rondoni

In the Old Testament the figure of the King embodies the People and forms one thing with it. The example of the second King of Israel. His mission for the greatness of the People, his great humanity at grips with human history and misery.

Modena Cathedral. Wikimedia Commons

The 900 Years of Modena Cathedral

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

The splendid church in this Italian city, the symbol of her people's unity. Built at the behest of Matilda of Canossa to bring the population back to an obedience to the Pope's.

Luigi Giussani

A New Man

ChurchLuigi Giussani

Notes from a conversation of Luigi Giussani with a group of novices of Memores Domini. Milan, January 31, 1999.

Manhattan, New York. Creative Commons CC0

New Music in New York

CultureJonathan Fields

A year of working in Manhattan's most important agency for advertising jingles. Together with David Horowitz, his wife Jan, and his band, the adventure of doing something together that stimulates creativity and multiplies possibilities

Ponce, Puerto Rico. Wikimedia Commons

Challenge in The Caribbean

Current EventsGiuseppe Zaffaroni

The Meeting's exhibition inaugurated in September with over 900 visitors within just 3 weeks. The presentation of the book At the Origin of the Christian Claim broadcast by the university TV channel. The creativity of a small but certain

'Resurrection of Christ' by Rottenhammer via Wikimedia Commons

A Problem of Knowledge

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

The talk addressed to the New York community on October 17, 1999, for the CL Beginning Day. The resumption of an educational path in the heart of America. The Christian claim, an exhaustive answer to the original needs of the heart.

Giussani with Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

Bishop in Action

ChurchJohn Vlazny

We received and are happy to print here the witness of the Bishop of the Diocese of Portland, Oregon, who participated in the meeting on movements in Rome. His encounter with CL and the prospects of the mission. "Sanctity is founded on Baptism."

La Thuile, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

Labor Day (The Labor of Life)

Current Events

The Washington community at the beginning of its year. A list of questions faxed to Fr. Giussani, and his answers. A first step toward going more deeply into the themes that emerged at the International Assembly of responsibles in August.

Washington DC. Creative Commons CC0

Christian Claim on Capitol Hill

Current EventsMichelle Watkins

After the UN, Father Giussani's book on Christ is presented in the U.S. capital. Waldstein and Albacete spoke at the Catholic University of America, an important center for theological and philosophical studies.

Montreal, Canada. Creative Commons CC0

The Conscience of Canada

Current EventsJohn Zucchi

The French edition of The Religious Conscience in Modern Man is presented. Intellectuals and theologians in a loyal confrontation with the thought of Father Giussani. A good beginning.

Stars. Public Domain CC0

Under the African Sky

Current EventsAlfonso Poppi

The steps taken by the CL community in Kenya, recounted by the Italian priest of the parish of Kahawa Sukari. A new beginning that lives, eager to embrace all of Africa.