News - 2013

Father Luigi Giussani

A Life That Continues

ChurchDavide Perillo

The CL founder's biography has just been released in Italy. In this interview author Alberto Savorana, speaks about his work experience and rediscovering everything he lived at Giussani’s side. The result is a work that offers us Fr. Giussani- alive.

Crowds in Copacabana for the 2013 Holy Mass for WYD in Rio de Janeiro. Wikimedia Commons

His Mission is My Heart

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

The Holy Father “came to take care of my happiness.”Julián de la Morena, responsibile for CL in Latin America, talks about his experience at the World Youth Day in Rio

The Good Government allegory by Ambrogio Lorenzetti

What We Speak about When We Speak of the Common Good

Current EventsAndrea Simoncini

We indicate it as the criterion for a nation’s renewal, but too often the common good remains abstract. Law professor Andrea Simoncini helps us to understand and critique the illusion that good government is the outcome of a “perfect system".

St. Francis of Assisi by Jusepe de Ribera

Francis, Show Us Where We Have to Fix Our Gaze

Current EventsJulián Carrón

An article by Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, commenting on Benedict XVI's renunciation and his successor, Pope Francis. Published by the Italian daily Avvenire.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

Ratzinger's Cross

Current EventsJulián Carrón

An editorial commentary by Fr. Julián Carrón. Of Pope Benedict's resignation he says, "Not only his freedom, but also the Pope’s capacity to read reality, to understand the signs of the times, announces the presence of Christ."

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

General Audience

ChurchBenedict XVI

In this General Audience by Pope Benedict XVI he speaks of his decision to renounce the ministry of Pope and to retire. He then speaks of Lent and Christ's temptations in the wilderness. We all have a choice "...between human power and love of the Cross".

Paul Bhatti

I am a Witness

Current EventsMark Danner

Paul Bhatti's , Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, personal Christian commitment to society follows that of his martyred brother Shahbaz. In this interview he discusses his fight against the "ideology that is killing my country and its culture."

Neurons. Creative CC0 Creative Commons

New Horizons of the Mind

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

With the strength, precision, and relative newness of neurological analysis comes many questions about what it means to be human. We speak here with philosopher of mind, Michele Di Francesco to discuss this science and what it means for us.

Author Colum McCann. Photographer Seamus Kearney via Wikimedia Commons

My words in service to the mystery

CultureJohn Waters

His books are acts of pursuit that go to the source of things. The Irish novelist, COLUM McCANN, invites the reader to make the discoveries his own because, as he explains, what one needs to travel (and test) is a lived faith.

Russian Director Lev Dodin. Wikimedia Commons

If the soul is not deaf

CultureFabrizio Sinisi

“What can people do by themselves? Are people capable of conserving their humanity?” Russian director LEV DODIN, among the Rimini Meeting 2013 guests this August, will speak about himself, his theater, and the theme of the Meeting.

St. Peter's Square. Wikimedia Commons

There was Someone in that Square Who Changed All of Us

ChurchAlessandra Banfi

A witness to Pope Francis' longest speech yet and his encouragement to not withdraw into ourselves, but rather to "...become engaged in the New Evangelization, through a simple return to Jesus Christ..."

Patron Saint of Missionaries 'St. Francis Xavier' by Miguel Cabrera via Wikimedia Commons

Who Knows Why?

ChurchLuca Fiore

It was in 1993 when Fr. Giussani sent him around the world for the first time. Fr. Ambrogio Pisoni, visitor for the CL communities in the East, tells us about his 20 years of traveling: “What Christ works is more powerful than any cultural condition.”

Pope Francis

The Wonder of a Beginning

Current EventsPope Francis

“People are struck by the appearance of a man who loves Jesus Christ,” because they show us Christianity for what it is: an irreducible event. Traces takes a close-up look at Jorge Mario Bergoglio's first month as Pope.

German Born American Political Theorist Hannah Arendt. Flickr

Journey into the Heart of Nothingness

CultureAlessandra Stoppa

Her expression "the banality of evil" carries more profound innuendo than one might think. What did Hannah Arendt really mean? Fifty years after her articles about Adolf Eichmann's trial, we rediscover what she saw in that man and in our own awareness.

Pope Benedict XVI. Creative Commons CC0

The Irreducibility of a Man

ChurchDavide Perillo

The humility of the beginning and the ending of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate indicate the true content of his steps. Theologian Javier Prades looks back with us on these past eight years.

Over Hill (Bilbo and Gandalf) by Artist Joel Lee via Wikimedia Commons

Courageous as a hobbit

CultureStefano Nembrini

Tolkien's The Hobbit is a story to keep proposing because it speaks to us of nostalgia and of being chosen. As Peter Jackson brings it to the big screen, a teacher explains what is to be found in the epic story.