News - 2002

Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine. Wikimedia Commons

Blood Witness

ChurchAndrea Costanzi and Fr Fidel Gonzalez

The beatification of Daudi and Jildo, two young Ugandan catechists martyred in 1918, killed because they were faithful to the mandate to communicate the faith by word and by one’s life. A hope for war-torn northern Uganda.

Father Giussani with students

That First Hour of School

SchoolPaola Bergamini

October 1957. Berchet High School, first year, front desk. Fr Luigi Negri recounts the first period of religion class with Fr Giussani. “For him, teaching was not a parenthesis in his life, it was the part that was most alive.”

Lake Placid. Photo by Mwanner via Wikimedia Commons

Fat Camp: East Coast CLU Vacation

Current EventsTommaso Mauri and Matteo Severgnini

Hikes in the woods and canoe rides, no-holds-barred games with teams challenging each other, and then Alpine songs 5,000 miles from Italy, evenings spent listening to classical music.

The Eucharist. CC0 Creative Commons

Priests in New York

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

Catholicism in the US is going through one of the hardest moments in history, with the many priests accused of sexual abuse. But this is only one side of the coin. The positive experiences of some priests: Fr. Rich Veras, Fr. Sansone, and Msgr. Albacete.

The United Nations. Wikimedia Commons

Quality Education

SchoolAlberto Piatti

Two delegates from the Holy See at the United Nations Session on Children, where they presented AVSI’s experience in the various countries of the world.

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. Wikimedia Commons

One Heart

ChurchVincent Nagle

Stalwart and unhesitant, she led a life of adventure and hardship, always at the service of her Society and the Lord, who molded her personality to be a tool of His will, which she followed from the bloody revolution of France to the barely settled lands

St. Katharine Drexel. Wikimedia Commons

Sell What Thou Hast… and Come Follow Me

ChurchChris Reynolds and Mark Baumeister

She died in 1955 and was canonized on October 1, 2000. Her great sympathy for the “Indian and Negro” races, and a desire to bring the Gospel to them, conducted her to embrace the religious life–a life offered for others and led by an Other.

Cardinal Francis Stafford. Wikimedia Commons

Stafford: Church and Movements in America

ChurchSteve Brown

In Washington, DC for a symposium on John Paul II, the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity on charisms and mission meets with the Washington CL community: a sincere testimonial of fatherhood and friendship.

Mother Francesca Cabrini. Wikimedia Commons

The Good Sailor

ChurchDino D'agata

Frail but tenacious, her life was marked by hope she always carried for her own life and others. Denied admission as a novice, she was called to found her own order of nuns. “She knew that love not loved and lived was but a dead word."

September 11th, 2001. Flickr

That Day America Had to Come out of Itself

Current EventsRoberto Fontolan

David Forte teaches law at Cleveland State University and is a scholar whose opinion is respected in the United States. At the Meeting in Rimini, he gave a talk as part of the meeting entitled “Uncle Sam’s Return.”

Ground Zero Cross. Wikimedia Commons

The Place of Hope

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

How to commemorate the darkest day in United States history? While most limited themselves to letting the dead speak, the New York CL community engaged in a different gesture, in which the leading role was played by hope.

Fireman among the rubble from the Twin Towers. Creative Commons CC0

Looking Inside the Fear

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

A year after the attack on the Twin Towers, no geopolitical explanation has managed to satisfy Americans in search of an ultimate meaning. The reflections of a keen observer.

A Slum in Nairobi. Wikimedia Commons

The School of the Future

SchoolHenry Kamande

In Nairobi, an innovative vocational school with 450 students, created at the behest of Cardinal Otunga and sustaine by AVSI. An example of the “risk of education” in action, which prepares one for life.

Writer Bruce Marshall. Wikimedia Commons

The Man of the Eleventh Hour

CultureAlessandra Banfi

The parable of the owner of the vineyard, on which the Scottish writer based his most famous novel. Father Gaston, Father Malachi, Father Smith: stories of priests. All of Marshall’s books speak of the Grace of the Christian Event.

Graham Greene. Wikimedia Commons

Total Painful Sympathy

CultureGiancarlo Giojelli

This is what one feels reading the novels by this English writer, a convert to Catholicism at the age of 23 because of a woman whom he later married. During his life, he was a journalist, traveler, writer, spy for British intelligence, and film critic.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Wikimedia Commons

The Promise Fulfilled

ChurchBarbara Gagliotti

The foundress of the vast parochial school system in America: from the Protestant high society of 19th century New York to the conversion to Catholicism against all odds, embracing its consequences with love and compassion.

Statue of Saint Junipero Serra. Wikimedia Commons

California Missions

ChurchRicardo Olvera and Damian Bacich

From Mallorca Island to the Americas. A Franciscan friar of the 18th century in Mexico and Baja California, creating focal points designed for an integral Christian education. Not reduced to a mere doctrine, but witnessing to the adventure of a life.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. Wikimedia Commons

The Flowering of a New Life

ChurchDino D'agata

Montreal, 17th century. An eleven-year-old Iroquois girl struck by the Christian proposal of the permanent mission in her village. From Baptism to testimony to death. Declared a blessed in 1980 by Pope John Paul II, her cause is currently in progress.

American Flag. Public Domain CC0

The Intellectuals and the Defense of a Nation

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

A document endorsed by several US intellectuals, conservatives and liberals alike, to stress equality and human rights reminiscent of the Declaration of Independence. A study of the sentiments that move the American culture of today.

The first Way of the Cross across the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Riro Maniscalco

Charity at Ground Zero

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi, Photos by James Leynse (AG. Contrasto)

Downtown New York stopped for the Cross passing by. The Way of the Cross, traveling over the Brooklyn Bridge, arrived next to Ground Zero. Almost 3000 participants, the mayor’s greetings, and the testimony of one of New York’s firefighters.