News - 2006

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Cultural Adventures in the United States

Current EventsAnna Leonardi

Opened two years ago, the bold initiative of a few friends, the Crossroads Cultural Center has aroused the curiosity of New York. Now its initiatives have reached Washington, DC, too.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

Universitas: A Lived Experience


The heart of a Catholic university is an experience of the relationship between faith and reason. When faith and reason are split, the experience of universitas disappears

American flag detail. CC0

Nihilism: Clash or Consensus?

Current EventsDavid Galalis

On September 19th, a panel discussion about U.S. foreign policy took place in New York. Perspectives from two intellectuals at the forefront of American liberalism.

Edmund D Pellegrino. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Immortality Pill: a Disastrous Illusion

CultureMarco Bardazzi

What is happening in the world of medical inquiry? A discussion with the Chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics Edmund Pellegrino, who warns that science’s indiscriminate use of biotechnology will inevitably lead to eugenics.

Residents of Kitgum, Uganda. Photo by Senior Master Sergeant John Jones via Wikimedia Commons

Under the Doctor’s Light: A Place to Learn

Current EventsValentina Frigerio

In Kitgum, in northern Uganda, a library dedicated to Fr. Giussani for the children fleeing from the war who take refuge in the hospital.

Moonrise over Kuala Lumpur. Photo via Flickr

The 18 of Kuala Lumpur: The Story of a Beginning

Current EventsAnna Leonardi

For the first time in the Malaysian metropolis, the CL Spiritual Exercises were held, the fruit of an unexpected (albeit hoped for) friendship born over the past two years.

Sao Paolo Skyline By Francisco Anzola

… It’s Happening Now

Current EventsPaolo Perego and Paola Ronconi

In São Paolo, a School of Community gathers 15,000 university students, divided into groups of 600, and hairdressing and beauty centers serve the new neighborhoods of the ex-favelados.

Deus Caritas Est

Ministers of the Event

ChurchLorenzo Albacete

Priests from ten U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and Canada gathered for their annual retreat. For five days they went to the depths of Pope Benedict’s first encyclical.

The University of St. Tomas in Manila via Wikimedia Commons

Total Experience. Truth at Stake

Current EventsMalou Samson

On April 4th at the University of St. Tomas in Manila, "The Risk of Education" by Luigi Giussani was presented. The re-discovery of the true mission of education.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

Relativism and Statism

ChurchJavier Prades

In order to offer a judgement on our society, we have to choose a criterion with which to evaluate it. In fact, analysis of the symptoms of the West’s weariness or bewilderment can produce very different diagnoses.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Wikimedia Commons

Amadeus. A Continuous Font of Beauty

CultureEnrico Raggi

An insignificant, solitary little man. He knew it, but didn’t care. For him, the Beauty that had filled his void was enough. The profound sentiments of the musician laid bare in his very human letters

Luigi Giussani

The Hand that Went Up at the Back of the Class

SchoolClaudio Pavesi

Fr. Ambrogio Pisoni was stopped by a man who said to him, “I am Pavesi, the one who put his hand up on the first day of schoo” After that there were several more meetings, and Claudio Pavese agreed to tell us something of his relationship Giussani

Cardinal Péter Erdö. Wikimedia Commons

Helping People Come to Jesus Christ

ChurchRoberto Fontolan

The Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest was elected last October as the President of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE) for the five-year term 2006-2011. We began our conversation for Traces with this new appointment.

Dublin, Ireland. Via Wikimedia Commons

We Have Everything but Meaning

Current EventsRaffaella Sorensen

The testimony of an Irish journalist who discovered in Fr. Giussani’s book the shadow of an answer, a teacher’s enlightened research, and the Archbishop’s astute summary

A Christian Church in the Holy Land. Wikimedia Commons

Called to Cherish a Presence

Current EventsCarlo Dignola

The life of Christians after the victory of Hamas: the importance of dialogue, the centrality of education, new developments in relations with the Jewish community, and the role of the Franciscans. A conversation with the Custodian of the Holy Land.

Pen and Paper. Wikimedia Commons

The Love Behind the Gaze

CultureGregory Wolfe

"Paul Mariani has demonstrated how great literature can help us maintain a gaze upon reality–even when that look seems to see little more than nothingness." Here we examine some of Mariani's work.

'Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles' by Artist Duccio di Buoninsegna via Wikimedia Commons

Educating for a More Human Society

SchoolMichelle Riconscente

"In 2003, The Avalon School opened its doors to 102 boys, and currently serves 220 students from grades three to twelve." An interview with Richard McPherson and Kevin Davern.

An American and Vatican Flag. Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Free Church and Limited State

ChurchPaolo Carozza

The religious character of American culture and the role of the Church in public debate reveal why a concordat between Church and State is superfluous in the USA.