News - 2011

North face south tower after plane strike. Wikimedia Commons

All the Earth is Ground Zero

Current EventsMakoto Fujimara

The American dream cannot be based on materialism. Generosity, faith, and audacity are needed. A painter of international acclaim offers us his reflections upon 9/11 and its aftermath.

The Statue of Liberty. CC0

How the American Dream has Changed

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

Ten years ago, an attack changed the face of the West. Today, in the midst of crisis, where are the ideals on which this civilization was founded? An answer from one who, knew the country well before and after.

Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

The Glory and a Bowl of Cornflakes

ChurchLorenzo Albacete

The news of the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II recalls what was so impressive about him: the transparency of a humanity totally bound to its origin. A fascination able to melt our hearts' resistance to the grace of sainthood.

American Flag. Public Domain CC0

Old and New Certainties

Current EventsJohn Samples

A look at the polls shows that Americans believe in and pursue their dreams as much now as ever before, a trust perhaps grounded in spiritual roots–but not extending to politics.

'The Old Guitarist' by Artist Pablo Picasso via Flickr

The Challenge of Sam

SchoolLinda Stroppa

In a high school, an eighteen year old committed suicide the day before graduation. His gesture shook Jeffrey and his classmates deeply, and they wrote a flyer about what enables them to "fall in love" even with their own need.

Man standing by a lake. CC0

The Real Struggle of Today

Current EventsJoseph Wood

In past centuries, the American dream has taken on many forms, but it always persisted in the search for happiness in a culture of life.

Icarus by Henri Matisse

The Red Spot at the Puerta del Sol

Current EventsIgnacio Carbajosa

What was behind the massive protests during the recent Spanish city elections? Following the defeat of the Zapatero party, an eyewitness looks more closely at this phenomenon, as a fact that doesn't fit into any ideology.

The Pope Visits Sacred Heart

SchoolBenedict XVI

Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI To Faculty Members, Representatives of the Staff and Students of Sacred Heart University.

Pope Benedct XVI. Wikimedia Commons

The Power of a Listening Heart

ChurchStefano Alberto

In the first speech of a Pontiff at the Bundestag, Benedict XVI went to the root of a problem that concerns everyone–how to recognize what is right. In so doing, he set another milestone on the path to “broaden reason.” Here is how.

Pope Benedict XVI in Berlin. Wikimedia Commons

He Came to Reawaken Us

ChurchChristoph Scholz

On the visit to his homeland, Benedict XVI swept away months of hostile criticism, from the speech in Parliament to prayer with Protestants to dialogue with Jews and Muslims. He surprised us all by putting the heart’s expectation at the center once again.

'Light Cloud, Dark Cloud' by Mark Rothko via Flickr

The Risk of Being a Realist

CultureLuca Doninelli

This month's issue presents the second stop on our literary journey through the key points of "The Religious Sense," with Chaim Potok, a Jew who, like his characters, in speaking of Truth with a capital "T", brings back into play faith and knowledge.

Woman on her phone. CC0

A Hunger Awakened by the Answer

Current EventsPaola Bergamini and Fabrizio Rossi

It seems today we accept answers that are gratifying, but unfulfilling, so we don't feel a lack. Yet there are facts that attest to the opposite. In this article, four people address the current "drop in desire," and the challenge of the CL flyer.

Priestly Fraternity of the Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo

A Hope That Will Never Falter

Current EventsChiara Tanzi

Fraternity of Saint Charles Borromeo missionaries in the U.S., twelve priests who work and live in communities along the East Coast and in Colorado, demonstrate the true meaning of freedom: a life defined by openness to the plan of Another.

Fr. Mauro Giuseppe Lepori. Wikimedia Commons

Called to Live For Him

ChurchDavide Perillo

Face to face with Fr. Mauro Giuseppe Lepori, chosen to guide the 1,800 Cistercians scattered around the world, after 26 years in the monastery. He describes his "vocation within the vocation" that allowed him to discover "there's gusto in everything."

Portrait of a Japanese Buddhist Monk by Unkown Artist via Wikimedia Commons

A Bridge Called Meeting

CultureDavide Perillo

A journal of “something that is happening now,” as the Rimini Meeting lands in Tokyo and on Mount Koya...

Day 14 of Occupy Wall Street. Photo by David Shankbone

Against a Power that Can't Answer

Current EventsJohn Berchet

From employment to the banks: a businessman in finance discusses with Traces the limits and reasoning of a movement whose urgency lies ultimately in the question, “What is the origin of our hope?”

Occupy Wall Street. Photo by Paul Stein

What Do They Really Want?

Current EventsPeter Stockland

The protests that engage many U.S. cities and others around the world have given us their slogans, complaints, and much confusion. We take a closer look at the epicenter of the protests, New York City, to examine what lies behind the needs expressed.

Nave of St. Benedict's Abbey Church in Atchison, KS. Wikimedia Commons

A Hammer is Not a Compass

SchoolSuzanne Tanzi

Can the university be more than “the last hurrah” before adult life takes over? Exploring the crucial matter of what real teaching and learning are with Kim Shankman, dean of a Midwestern college, we push the boundaries of the academic milieu.