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Dr. Jerome Lejeune. Wikimedia Commons

Love for Truth... on Display

SchoolBarbara Gagliotti

Eight high school students and a teacher are driven by the desire to know more about the life of Servant of God Dr. Jerome Lejeune. The challenge to share what they discovered in an exhibit found its inspiration in Giussani’s "The Religious Sense."

Unborn Child. Flickr
The Twin Towers

The Aftermath in Poetry

CultureSuzanne Tanzi

Self-censorship and freedom of expression; animosity and solidarity: a professor of language and literature, Paolo Valesio explores these dichotomies that revealed themselves during and after September 11, 2001.

Massachusetts General Hospital in 1941. Photographer Frank O. Branzetti via Wikimedia Commons

Locus of a Friendship

CultureWebster Bull

The author of the definitive history of Massachusetts General Hospital, published in May, gives a glimpse of the story behind the story: a web of life-sustaining relationships.

Egyptian Marchers. Wikimedia Commons

No Turning Back

Current EventsAlessandra Stoppa

Where is the Middle East heading? Oasis Foundation gathered together experts from the Islamic world and Christians of the East and West to grasp more closely the "watershed" of the insurrections, and the "infinite desire that has begun to move."

Director Terrence Malick. Wikimedia Commons

Before I Existed...

CultureEmma Neri

An explanation is demanded from God, and God answers. This film produced by Terrence Malick won the Golden Palm at Cannes last month. The most secular film festival in the world awards its highest honor to a movie "miracle."

G.K. Chesterton at Work. Wikimedia Commons

Detective of Human Nature

CultureDermott Quinn

One hundred years ago, Chesterton brought to life Fr. Brown, an iconic super sleuth who, in solving crimes, reminds us of the startling strangeness of creation–just like his author, who felt "at once at home in the world and utterly astonished by it."

Cardinal Donald William Wuerl. Wikimedia Commons

Pastor of a People of Hope

ChurchConor Dugan

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, DC, discusses the New Evangelization, his friendship with John Paul II, and the thrilling moments of his priestly journey toward being made Cardinal of a "very important Church."

Old Light Microscope. Wikimedia Commons

The Everything in the Small

CultureAlessandra Stoppa

He studies things on a "nano" scale that promises great changes in medicine. He has already seen such changes in his lifetime, together with the "miracles of every day." Mauro Ferrari explains what forgiveness has to do with work.

'Appearance While the Apostles are at Table' by Duccio di Buoninsegna via Wikimedia Commons

At Peter's Home

CultureJosé Miguel García

One of the curators presents here an introduction to the exhibit that brings Capharnaum to the Rimini Meeting in Italy this summer. Its goal: to see the event of Jesus through the eyes of the Apostles. What led those men to give their lives for Him?

Aleppo, Syria. Wikimedia Commons

The Sisters of Syria

ChurchGiorgio Paolucci

In a country wounded by conflict, 6 nuns have made their home on a hill to testify to the "source of peace." We went to see their life, from their Morning Prayer to their handcraft, to learn how it is possible to look at the other "with the eyes of God."

Sunset. Via Pixabay

Rediscovering the "I," Rediscovering the World

Current EventsFred Kaffenberger

In Kansas, a three-month lecture series on Luigi Giussani's book was a chance for many "to tackle 'The Religious Sense' from within the faith." From understanding art to teaching children; from treating patients to supporting co-workers...

What Is True Victory?

Current EventsChris Bacich

The execution of the Western world's number one enemy and the euphoria at a sense of justice urged some friends of the US communities to look at what happened, exploring what responds to the need for peace. CL's leader describes the trajectory of a flyer.

Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

"Blessed Are You, Because You Believed"

ChurchDavide Perillo

A people, with one reason alone. A million and a half people attracted by the life of a person seized by Christ. This is what happened in Saint Peter's Square, a confirmation of what many of us had just heard at the CL Fraternity Spiritual Exercises.

Our Lady of Good Help sign in Champion, WI. Wikimedia Commons

Meeting Mary at the Door

ChurchRick Fessenbecker

The apparitions that took place over 150 year ago, in the tiny town of Champion, Wisconsin, to a young woman, Adele Brise, are now officially recognized by the Church. It is the first-approved Marian apparition on American soil.

Cormac McCarthy. Flickr

The Last Cry

CultureLuca Doninelli

In the third installment of our literary journey accompanying "The Religious Sense," we present novelist Cormac McCarthy, in whose work "the human being is not dead." He transforms into words not so much a worldview as a "density" of experience.

Fr. Paolo Prosperi and CLU students.

Breaking into Three Dimensions

Current EventsSanti Ramos and Chiara Tanzi

As university students around the nation began to question reason's relation to the faith in their work on Fr. Giussani's The Religious Sense, some met for a "rest" time focused on silence and witness; wonder and mission…

Fr. Pietro Rossotti, National Leader of CLU, and Vitaliy Kuzmin.
Canadian Flag. Creative Commons CC0

On A Troubled Path

CulturePeter Stockland

A country, held hostage by "progressive" ideology, is becoming the testing ground for so called "new rights." But there are some who are swimming against the cultural tide, lest the law absorb them altogether…

Professor John Milbank. JWH at Wikipedia Luxembourg

Goodbye, Londonistan

CultureFabrizio Rossi

It seemed that in the UK the experiment had paid off. Reality, though, forced the Prime Minister to admit defeat; the model most theorized about in viewing integration is failing. What is next?

Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

Do Not Fear

ChurchAlessandra Banfi

In recognition of the ceremony in which Benedict XVI proclaims him blessed, we present memories of (and current happenings related to) a Pope to whom we owe a great deal.

Dr. Kenneth Miller. Wikimedia Commons

Life AND Science: Suggestive Signs

SchoolBruce Buff

From evolution to prayer, DR. Kenneth Miller and Dr. Charles Townes reflect upon the place of God and humanity in science revelations. Here is a rare meeting of scientific minds that "try... to understand" the complexity (and simplicity) of the issues.

Dr. Charles Townes. Wikimedia Commons