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'Christ and the Apostles' by Artist Georges Rouault via Flickr

Breaking into Three Dimensions

SchoolSanti Ramos and Chiara Tanzi

College students around the nation questioned reason's relation to faith in their work on Fr. Giussani's "The Religious Sense." A new people walk together in an explosion of learning to be able "to listen, laugh, respond, and, be surprised" every day.

Father Luigi Giussani

A Charism To Live Today

Current EventsCardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi

On the 6th anniversary of his death, more than 200 Masses were offered throughout the world. Here are 3 extracts from the many homilies preached on those occasions, so as to grasp better "the secret, the passion, the power, and the joy of his every day."

Jesus of Nazareth. Wikimedia Commons

"It Is the Lord!"

ChurchJosé Luis Restán

The release of the Pope's new book offers a look at the Church's journey and the challenge of His Presence, before which we have to take a stand. Traces offers here some keys to understanding why people touched by grace "make an age."

The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Tomb by Eugene Burnand via Wikimedia Commons

The Urgent Need For Judgement

SchoolJulián Carrón

Notes from the synthesis by Fr. Julián Carrón at the Equipe of the University Students of Communion and Liberation. Milan, March 26, 2011.

Author David Foster Wallace. Wikimedia Commons

He Who Dares Write of the Heart

CultureLuca Doninelli

We start here a journey among authors who accompany us in our work on "The Religious Sense." The first article is dedicated to David Foster Wallace because he described "the elementary experience" as few others did...

Father Luigi Giussani

A Passion for Our Lives

Current EventsFabrizio Rossi

Six years after his death, Fr. Luigi Giussani goes on generating a people, reaching even those who never knew him personally: a Muslim teacher, a Jewish jurist, an Orthodox theologian, an Anglican pastor, and a journalist.

Rimini Meeting 2011.

Desired by God

Current EventsJean-Louis Tauran

Need, desire, and the itinerary that makes all of existence become "an immense certainty": this will be the topic of the 2011 Rimini Meeting, the world's biggest summer cultural festival.

The Milky Way. NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

News From Space

CultureMarco Bersanelli

The first findings of the mission exploring the origins of the universe have been published. This journey, begun in 1992, involves scientists from all over the world. We asked one of them to tell us about the "goldmine of new facts" they are discovering

French Geneticist Jérôme Lejeune with a Boy with Down Syndrome. Wikimedia Commons

A Saint For Modern Times

CultureOmbretta Salvucci

More than 50 years after his life-changing discovery, the work of the father of modern genetics continues into today. We present the story of a scientist whose commitment to his life's ideal brought him along the path of sanctity.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

Opening Up A Breathing Space

ChurchEllen Roderick

Technology's totalitarian tendencies, and the sense of resignation it inspires, meet human freedom and the hope of a transcendent horizon in a surprising guide for modernity: Benedict XVI's latest encyclical.

South Sudan: Village Child. Photo by Steve Evans

Freedom at Hand

Current EventsLorenzo Fazzini

It has been the longest civil war in Africa, leaving two million dead after 22 years. The referendum for the independence of the South is now on the table. Waiting for the results, Cesare Mazzolari, Bishop of Rumbek, talks to us about the people's wounds.

Coptic Orthodox Cathedral

The Hope of Egypt

Current EventsMattia Ferraresi

The Jewish Professor of Law, Joseph Weiler, explains, in an article published in the Italian daily Il Foglio, what the real enemy of dialogue is, in light of the words by Benedict XVI and of what he experienced at the Meeting of Cairo this past October.

Joseph H. H. Weiler. Wikimedia Commons
Antique Map of Europe. Flickr

Our Desire Already on the Move

CultureSuzanne Tanzi

In a modern context of crisis and dissolution, a wary but optimistic social analyst, Dr. Paul Vitz, comments on the hope for the world expressed in a recent CL flyer on the state of desire.