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Pope Francis

Pope Francis: "To us a son is given"

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The Pope's homily during Midnight Mass in St Peter's in Rome: "The Father did not give us a thing, an object; he gave his own only-begotten Son, who is all his joy."

Monsignor Alberto Ortega Martín (Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Chile: The "dream of fraternity" and the task of friendship

ChurchPaula Giovanetti

The presentation of the encyclical "Fratelli tutti" for the Chilean community, a dialogue with Nuncio Alberto Ortega Martín. An occasion, on Christmas Eve, to "remind ourselves of what we are called to do for the world."

Photo: Shutterstock/Dave Primov

Christmas, the Father’s Mercy

Current EventsLuigi Giussani

We repropose a meditation from Fr. Luigi Giussani, taken from the book Dalla liturgia vissuta. Una testimonianza [From the lived liturgy. A witness], first printed in 1973.

Fr. Fabio Baroncini (Photo: Paolo Bonfanti, Archive of the Fraternità Comunione e Liberazione)

Julián Carrón's message for the death of Fr. Fabio Baroncini

Current EventsJulián Carrón

One of Fr. Giussani's greatest friends has died at the age of 78, who gave his whole life in service of the movement and of the Church. "We ask the Lord that we come to be like him, sons and daughters in the Son."

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven and a home for the self

CultureLuigi Giussani

On December 16, 250 years ago, the great composer was born. He is one of Fr. Giussani's most beloved composers. From Spirto Gentil, his commentary on the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra op.61: "It is the emblem of man's wait for God."

Jean-François Millet, "Winter Evening" (detail), 1867 (© Museum of Fine Arts, Boston-Scala, Florence)

The everyday and the eternal

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

From December Traces, Millet's gaze as expressed in the Christmas poster. "It is not the Holy Family, but is pervaded by that clear link between the everyday and the eternal that the family of Nazareth experienced and brought into the world.

AVSI tents: During the pandemic, with the most vulnerable families

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

From support in developing countries to Italy affected by Covid, where poverty has increased in the last year. AVSI is supporting the work of organizations that already operate in various regions to help five thousand families.

ENCUENTROMADRID: The adventure of trust

Current EventsMaría Serrano

The Spanish event was held online from November 19-22. Meetings, performances, exhibitions, and ‘reliable’ witnesses. “We have been able to verify that trust is possible and reasonable because reality is not absurd, but reveals a meaning.”

Pope Francis

The measure of development is humanity


Pope Francis' video message to "The Economy of Francesco", an event that saw young economists from 115 countries around the world meet online. "Do not be afraid to get involved and touch the soul of your cities with the gaze of Jesus."

Photo: Avsi/Andrea Signori

AVSI tents: A fruitful coexistence for Lebanon

Current EventsGiorgio Paolucci

A project for the 2020 Campaign in a country affected by Covid and a deep socioeconomic crisis. In the refugee camps, work is being done to allow people to restart.

Rafael Gerez

EncuentroMadrid: "A window of hope"

Current EventsElena Santa María

From November 19 - 22 a special edition of EncuentroMadrid will take place online. Meetings, dialogues and exhibitions will focus on the title chosen for 2020: "What can we trust in?". An interview with its president, Rafael Gerez.

EncuentroMadrid 2020: In whom can we trust?

Current Events

An edition reshaped by Covid, but will be no less rich. The Spanish event will take place online 19-22 November with meetings, round-tables, performances. Ignacio Carbajosa explains why it should not be missed.

Photo: AVSI

AVSI tents: Mexico, saved by the beast

Current EventsDavide Grammatica

Crammed into a freight train running north to escape violence in their countries. Thousands of minors from Central and South America are stranded at the US border. Another project from this year’s campaign.

Vienna after the attack

Vienna: "Before God, to entrust our fears"

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

The attack took place a few meters from their home. Then came the news on TV, messages from parishioners. Their Cardinal, from the outset, was in the chapel praying. "Where can hope come from?"

Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti

Carrón's messages to Bassetti and Delphini

Current Events

Upon hearing the news of the hospitalization of the President of the Italian Bishops' Conference and that the Archbishop of Milan has tested positive for Coronavirus, Fr. Carrón has written to them with words of friendship and affection.

The image from Encuentro Santiago's manifesto

Chile: The fresh air of Encuentro Santiago

Current EventsPaula Giacosa

A three days online for Encuentro Santiago, in a country on the eve of an important election, harassed by a deep social crisis, as well as Covid. Yet, "we have something to say".

Photo: Aldo Gianfrate/Fondazione Avsi

AVSI tents: Proximity is not measured with a ruler

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

The campaign to support six projects in Italy and around the world has been launched. "Ensuring safety does not mean ceasing to be surprised by the need of the other".