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Birth of Jesus. Creative Commons CC0

Why Does Jesus Come?

ChurchLuigi Giussani

Below is Msgr. Luigi Giussani’s 2004 message for Christmas. He reminds js that " divine grace, at the appointed time, the Son of God became a child in human history, he took upon himself the rules and the formulas of an existence."

Fresco of the Nativity, Mistra. Via Wikimedia Commons

The Apparent Fragility That Continues to Cause Us to Reflect

Current EventsJulián Carrón

"Christmas invites us to convert first of all our view of the source of our salvation, that is, the solution to the problems that daily life presents us." A letter from Julian Carrón during Christmas season.

Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

The Humility of the Flesh

ChurchLorenzo Albacete

Monsignor Albacete on Christmas season. Christ's becoming man opens a new horizon for existence since "...his glory no one can see unless healed by the humility of His flesh."

Pope Francis. Wikimedia Commons

Address of Pope Francis to the European Parliament

ChurchPope Francis

An address from Pope Francis to the European Parliment on Tuesday, November 2014. He speaks of unity, human dignity, being as a relationship, and the duty of Europe to protect her citizens.

Monsignor Albacete via Traces

Faith: Intelligence of Reality

Current EventsJulián Carrón

In this letter Fr. Carron remembers the life of the late Fr. Lorenzo Albacete. He recalls Albacete's witness that " can become “intelligence of reality,” with his ability to recognize and embrace anyone without ambiguity..."

Pope Benedict XVI, Fr. Carron, Fr. Albacete [L-R] via Traces

I Lived a Beautiful Life

Current EventsGiorgio Vittadini

A close friend recounts the life of a man whose friendship with Fr. Giussani generated a new flourishing of the Movement in America.

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Brueghel the Elder.

Lifting the Curse of Babel

SchoolDamian Bacich

"To overcome the foreignness, the extraneousness of the other is one of the deep desires that propel us to learn new languages. Professor of language Damian Bacich analyzes the importance of communication and language.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

What We Learned From that Gesture

ChurchIgnacio Carbajosa Pérez

It was February 11, 2013, when Benedict XVI announced his resignation, a decision that left the world agape. Why was it so striking? What consequences did it have in the Church? One year later Pope Benedict’s decision continues to surprise us.

Zacchaeus by Niels Larsen Stevns via Wikimedia Commons

Close to the Wounds of the Human Person

Current EventsGiorgio Paolucci

We share with you an interview with Julian Carrón published in the Italian daily Avvenire on the vigil of this important event, that is an opportunity to “return to the essential, to the newness that Christianity has brought into the world.”

Video Slate. Traces

The Beautiful Road

Current EventsPaola Bergamini

“Ordinary people with ordinary lives, who show us the few things that are necessary to live.” The producers of the video for the anniversary of Communion and Liberation recount the adventure of the past year, and give us a peek “behind the scenes.”

Around the world. Public Domain CC0

The Scott Brothers and the Beginning of Our Journey

CultureRoberto Fontolan

A director recalls the journey towards making a documentary film about the Movement around the world. "I desired to tell this story, a kind of aesthetic of the life of the Movement, in all of its drama and beauty."

High School Students. Wikimedia Commons

Beyond Measuring

SchoolAnnemarie Bacich

Why do we go to school? What and how should we be taught? A high school teacher introduces the importance of "the true, the beautiful and the good" in the classroom amidst an educational system "rooted in the practical and pragmatic."

Pope Francis praying in Bethlehem, at the wall that divides Israel and Palestine.

A Crack in the Wall

ChurchAndrea Tornielli

With his surprise invitation to the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Francis undermined every scheme, including politics. Thus, opening the path toward a peace that is “to be built day by day like an artisan.”

Dome of Saint Peter's Basilica. Wikimedia Commons

Four Men who Have Obeyed Another

ChurchAlessandro Banfi

The meeting at the Saint Peter Gardens in Rome was not a diplomatic one, yet it has the strength of a radical gesture, in which are found the Pope’s nature and our need.

St. Francis from His Window at St. Peter's Square. Flickr

Regina Coeli

ChurchPope Francis

Pope Francis' meditation prior to the recitation of the Regina Coeli in Saint Peter's Square on Monday 21, 2014.