News - 2008

Buena Vista Social Club.Via Flickr

The Music of the Buena Vista Social Club

CultureSantiago Ramos

Under the ruthless rule of General Fulgencio Batista, playing for the glitzy social clubs of Havana, more than one generation of Cuban musicians freely and happily cultivated their unique national sound.

Dante's Paradiso. Wikimedia Commons

The Utopia of a Hope Uprooted from Tradition

CultureJohn Waters

The death of the writer Nuala O’Faolain shook Ireland, also because of her last words. John Waters responds to that provocation, starting from his own experience.

Pope Benedict XVI and President George W. Bush. Wikimedia Commons

The Pope Showed America the Face of Christ

Current EventsDavide Perillo

On the Pontiff’s return from the United States, we asked Archbishop Dominique Mamberti to provide an assessment of the visit. He accepted, explaining why the Successor of Peter “embodies the message that he brings: Christ is our hope”.

Middle School teacher. U.S. Air Force photo by Mark Herlihy

Those Who Accept the Challenge of Education

SchoolMaddalena Vicini

On the eve of the new National Assembly of CL teachers, a journey through classrooms across Italy discovers what has been happening in the life (and work) of those who embraced the provocation launched by Fr. Carrón at last October’s Assembly.

Fr. Luigi Giussani with students, 1960.

Education: A Fullness That Overflows

SchoolAlberto Savorana

The Berchet High School commemorates “its” teacher, Fr. Giussani, with a plaque. An evening of deep reflection on his passion for education.

Miguel de Unamuno in 1925. Via Wikimedia Commons

The Fall of Reason

CultureRebecca Cherico

Miguel de Unamuno clearly recognizes that his culture depends on Christianity; his writings are a clear antidote to the misconception that history did not change Europe's understanding of the human person.

Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Kancelaria Prezydenta via Wikimedia Commons

From La Sapienza to Reason

SchoolStefano Filippi

The door slammed in the Pope’s face by the Roman university? Is it a “regrettable incident,” to be forgotten in a hurry or remarkable opportunity to get to the bottom of the relationship between faith, knowledge, and the search for the truth?

Young student. Via Wikimedia Commons

Defending a True Education

SchoolMichelle Riconscente

The freedom to educate our children to the meaning of all things is a decisive issue for our society. What we need are teachers who have verified this meaning for themselves. The ultimate solution lies beyond the scope of politics.

 Galileo Galilei displaying his telescope to Leonardo Donato. Wikimedia Commons

Why the Pope is on the Side of the Scientists

CultureDavide Perillo

The quest for the truth, the defense of rationality, the summons to good… Obstacles to research? No, the exact opposite, says one of Italy’s most important physicists.

"Is it Possible to Live this Way?" by Luigi Giussani

To Live this Way in the Village

Current EventsMaurizio Maniscalco

The latest book by Father Giussani, "Is it Possible to Live This Way?," was presented in New York City. Nearly a thousand people listened to Julián Carrón, Lorenzo Albacete, Joseph Weiler, and Robert Pollack talk about faith and reason

A group of Pokot women. Photo by Roger S. Duncan, U.S. Navy, via Wikimedia Commons

The True Winners Among Division

Current EventsJoakim Koech

The elections triggered clashes. The African country wavers between chaos and stability. Yet this account from a CL responsible reveals an encouraging certainty.

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran. Via Wikimedia Commons

A Dialogue that Rests on a Certainty

ChurchRiccardo Piol

The letter from 138 Muslims to Benedict XVI, the visits of Muslim notables to the Vatican, and the Pope’s reply to Prince Ghazi. “Who is my God and how do I live my faith?” An interview with Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran

Emergency Room. Wikimedia Commons

Why Should we Care about the Sick?

Current EventsLisa Mahowald

Our healthcare system is broken. What to do about it? To answer the question, we need to first ask another one: “What kind of society do we want to be?” The answer should be rooted in solidarity with the sick and the notion of charitable justice.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

The Rebound of a Presence

ChurchAlberto Savorana

Marco Bersanelli, astrophysicist at the University of Milan, and Costantino Esposito, philosopher at the University of Bari, provoked by reading the encyclical on hope, discuss it here, together with Traces.

'Sermon on the Mount' by Artist Carl Bloch via Wikimedia Commons

Jesus and the Meaning of the Parables

ChurchJosé Miguel García

In our third article on the Pope’s book, we try to understand better the use that Christ made of those vivid, clear stories of everyday life to show us the truth, the foundation of all things.