Culture - 2019

Thoroughly human

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

The image proposed by CL for this year's Christmas poster is from a masterpiece of simplicity by Caravaggio. The gazes of the shepherds are “conquered by what was before them,” and reflect the heart of the event that made God “a force close at hand.”

Helen Whitney (Photo: courtesy of Mary Sarah Ivers Photograhy)

What is Christian in Christianity?

CultureLisa Lickona

In Washington D.C, an evening with friends of Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete and the presentation of a new publication of his writings, What is Christian in Christianity?

Fr. Mauro Lepori (photo: Filmati Milanesi)

Democracy? It was born from charity

CultureMaurizio Vitali

The Charta Caritatis, which regulated relations between Cistercian abbeys, celebrates its 900th anniversary. It has much to offer to those who reflect on the crisis of democratic institutions. Father Mauro Lepori and Stefano Zamagni discussed it in Milan.

The book presentation in Milan

"Those who have not found the Heaven below, will fail of it above”

CultureMaurizio Vitali

Does Christianity still have something to say to our societies? La scommessa cattolica, the book by Chiara Giaccardi and Mauro Magatti, presented in Milan with Massimo Recalcati, Julián Carrón and Mario Calabresi, attempts to answer this question.

The Russia Cristiana headquarters in Seriate

Russia Cristiana: Being Christian in the age of particularism

CultureLuca Fiore

The annual conference entitled "Universality and special stories. The vocation of the Church". Fr. Francesco Braschi: "What is happening in Europe, among both the Orthodox and Catholics, is a challenge to our faith".

Etty Hillesum. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Digging out God

CulturePaolo Perego

A bond with God, discovered deep within, is the source of freedom in any situation, even prison. The life of Etty Hillesum will be the subject of one of the exhibits at the Meeting of Rimini.

© Nancy Crampton

Andrew Tallon: The Witness of a Man

CultureMeghan Berneking

The research of late professor Andrew Tallon is serving as a scaffold for expert investigations on the Notre Dame fire. But Tallon was much more than a prestigious art historian. His witness of love for Christ shines as an example of concrete holiness.

Photo by Danny Shum.

Unity of Life, Not Balance

CultureAnnemarie Bacich

On May 31, a crowd of about seventy gathered to listen to a panel discussion with Jostein Solheim and Nuno Teles. The theme of the event was life, purpose, and the workplace.

Lisa Lickona. Courtesy of Crossroads Cultural Center.

Saints Who Were Sinners

CultureStephen Adubato

"The saints are people whose whole humanity has been taken up into this relationship with Jesus Christ." At the last Crossroads event in New York City, Fr. Solanus Benfatti and Lisa Lickona discussed what makes one a saint.

Taking the "Risk of Education"

CultureStanley Hauerwas

We publish Stanley Hauerwas' foreword to the second edition of The Risk of Education recently published by McGill-Queen's University Press. Hauerwas will be part of a panel discussing education at the 2019 New York Encounter.