Culture - 2023

A detail from the 2023 Christmas poster, with the 'Adoration of the Magi', an anonymous fresco by the School of the Master Trecentesco of the Sacred Speco, Monastery of the Sacred Speco in Subiaco, 14th century (Photo: DeAgostini Picture Library/Scala, Fl

The caress of the Child Jesus

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

The small hand resting on the head of one of the Magi bowed down to adore him. This is the heart of the image chosen this year for the Communion and Liberation Christmas poster.

Jon Fosse (Photo: Ansa-Zumapress/Jessica Gow)

Jon Fosse: In the hands of the other

CultureAlessandro Gnocchi*

The 2023 Nobel Prize winner for Literature is a Norwegian writer who lives in the royal palace, writes without periods and is convinced that “everything leads to God”. That is why “religion and art go together”. From the November issue of Tracce.

Father Romano Scalfi (Photo: Fraternità CL)

Russia Cristiana: rediscovering a home

CultureGiovanna Parravicini

On the centenary of Fr. Romano Scalfi's birth, at the Milan Cultural Centre and Villa Ambiveri, a two-day dialogue and meeting that have filled usual words with meaning.

Rimini, Bruno Corà speaks at the exhibition dedicated to Alberto Burri (Archivio Meeting)

Alberto Burri: Never be still

CultureMaria Acqua Simi

A guest for the first time at the Meeting was Bruno Corà, President of the Foundation named after the great artist to whom one of the most visited exhibitions in Rimini was dedicated.

Images of the Haghartsin monastery during the Meeting (Photo: Archivio Meeting)

A moved heart changes history

CultureMaria Acqua Simi

At the Meeting, an Armenian woman bursts into tears in front of images of an ancient Christian monastery restored by the Emir of Sharjah. The video reaches the Emirates and is the beginning of something unimaginable.

Micol Forti (Catholic Press Photo)

Towards the Meeting: Micol Forti, the task of art

CultureLuca Fiore

The exhibition in Rimini, the words of young people, the relationship between the Church and artists. The director of the contemporary art collection of the Vatican Museums speaks: "Taking an interest in one's time is everyone's duty.”

Wisława Szymborska (Photo: Damian Klamka/ZUMA Press/Ansa)

Szymborska: Nothing is ordinary

CultureAndrea Fazioli

One hundred years ago the poetess Wisława Szymborska, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was born. Nothing was insignificant for her. What kind of knowledge and certainty emerge in her poems? From the August issue of Traces.

Cardinal José Tolentino de Mendonça, Prefect of the Dicastery for Culture and Education (Catholic Press Photo)

At the root of true friendship

CultureAlessandro Banfi

Towards the Rimini Meeting, marked this year by a key word that opens a thousand questions, on which Portuguese Cardinal José Tolentino de Mendonça, author of a book dedicated to this theme, will also speak.

A portrait of Blaise Pascal (Photo: Wikimedia)

The Pope and Pascal's "awe and openness to reality"

CultureCarlo Fedeli

Pope Francis' unusual Apostolic Letter for the 400th anniversary of the birth of the French philosopher and mathematician becomes an opportunity to rediscover this "tireless seeker of truth."

Adriana Mascagni at the Meeting in 2001 (Photo: Archivio Meeting Rimini)

At the Meeting "the choir sings Adriana"

CultureStefano Filippi

In Rimini, an evening dedicated to Adriana Mascagni, a few months after her passing. To tell of that "encounter that has marked our lives".

The people at the Brno (Photo: Jakub Šnajdr/Meeting Brno)

Meeting Brno 2023: The possible embrace

CultureDavid Macek

The historic dialogue between the Czech and Slovak presidents, meetings at symbolic places of divisions, the Pilgrimage of Reconciliation. This is how the Czech festival became an instrument of the prophecy of peace.

Visitors at one of the Rimini exhibitions in 2022 (Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Rimini Meeting: exhibitions 2023

CulturePaola Ronconi

From Burri to energy, from young people to labor, from the Azer Monastery to Péguy. Alessandra Vitez introduces us to this year's proposals. "In each there is a piece of life that leads to rediscovering the generative power of friendship".

Dietrich von Hildebrand (Photo: Wikimedia)

Von Hildebrand: The courage of truth

CultureElisa Grimi*

An enemy of totalitarianism, an opponent of Hitler, exiled in the United States. For him, knowledge always originates in experience. A portrait of the philosopher whom the future Pius XII would call a "doctor of the Church of the 20th century."

Dorothy Day in 1916

Work: The Dorothy day revolution

CultureIvo Paiusco

Ninety years have passed since the birth of the Catholic Worker Movement in New York. We spoke to Giulia Galeotti about the most significant experience of social Catholicism in the United States and its founders.

C.D. Friedrich, Easter Morning, detail (c.1828-1835). Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid (© Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza/Scala, Florence).

A new dawn

CultureLuca Doninelli

A morning full of hope, a path ahead: Friedrich's painting “Easter Morning” on the CL Easter poster. Luca Doninelli discusses the painting in the April issue of Tracce.

Dominican Adrien Candiard (Photo: Meeting Rimini Archive)

The end of time?

CulturePaola Ronconi

War, earthquake, climate change... The latest book by French Dominican Adrien Candiard's draws us closer to the subject of Revelation and humanity's ultimate destiny. Which is not a matter of time...

A portrait of Charles Péguy by Jean-Pierre Laurens

Péguy: Never become "habituated”, always “go out of your way”

CulturePigi Colognesi

January 7 marks 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Péguy. A portrait of the French writer and poet, from childhood to his abandonment of the Church and battles for other ideals. Until his rediscovery of faith, and the "sovereignty of the event".

Benedict XVI during a vacation in the Alps (©Eric Vandeville/akg-images/Mondadori Portfolio)

"The Feeling of Things, the Contemplation of Beauty"

CultureJoseph Ratzinger

"True knowledge is being struck by the dart of beauty that wounds man, being touched by reality." From the Traces archive, " we republish the speech of the then Cardinal Ratzinger at the 2002 Rimini Meeting.