Culture - 2013

Author Colum McCann. Photographer Seamus Kearney via Wikimedia Commons

My words in service to the mystery

CultureJohn Waters

His books are acts of pursuit that go to the source of things. The Irish novelist, COLUM McCANN, invites the reader to make the discoveries his own because, as he explains, what one needs to travel (and test) is a lived faith.

Russian Director Lev Dodin. Wikimedia Commons

If the soul is not deaf

CultureFabrizio Sinisi

“What can people do by themselves? Are people capable of conserving their humanity?” Russian director LEV DODIN, among the Rimini Meeting 2013 guests this August, will speak about himself, his theater, and the theme of the Meeting.

German Born American Political Theorist Hannah Arendt. Flickr

Journey into the Heart of Nothingness

CultureAlessandra Stoppa

Her expression "the banality of evil" carries more profound innuendo than one might think. What did Hannah Arendt really mean? Fifty years after her articles about Adolf Eichmann's trial, we rediscover what she saw in that man and in our own awareness.

Over Hill (Bilbo and Gandalf) by Artist Joel Lee via Wikimedia Commons

Courageous as a hobbit

CultureStefano Nembrini

Tolkien's The Hobbit is a story to keep proposing because it speaks to us of nostalgia and of being chosen. As Peter Jackson brings it to the big screen, a teacher explains what is to be found in the epic story.