Culture - 2022

Charles Péguy (Photo: Eugène Pirou/Wikimedia Commons)

What moves God is to see hope in men

CultureAntonio Socci

Every age has those "two parties": the party of those who work, build, love, create, who must endure the other party, that of those who destroy, demolish, use violence, hate. Charles Péguy's words on hope (from "Libero" newspaper, December 17)

One of the debates at Encuentro Madrid 2022

EncuentroMadrid: Living the real intensely


From November 11 to 13, the annual event was held in the Spanish capital, entitled “Living the real intensely”. Topics that were addressed include Ukraine, the challenges of education, Magellan and Fr. Giussani's centenary.

The concert in Munich (Photo: Roland Altmann)

Munich: Fr. Giussani, Music and beauty

CultureGiovanni Grandi

A concert organized by the International Music Friendship to celebrate Fr. Giussani’s centenary. Here is how it came about and what happened in the words of those who played in it...

Antony Gormley (Photo: Luca Fiore)

Antony Gormley: Body and consciousness

CultureLuca Fiore

Like Lucio Fontana, he seeks the representation of the absolute. Throughout his 40-year career, he has tried to depict the space of interiority. A conversation with the most important living British sculptor. From the October issue of Tracce.

Massimo Robberto (©Archivio Meeting)

"The splendor of what we see"

CulturePaola Ronconi

During one of the main talks at the Rimini Meeting, he enchanted the audience with photos of stars and galaxies. Massimo Robberto, among those responsible for the James Webb Telescope, speaks about himself and his work.

A moment from the Youth Conference in Prague

"Have wide-eyes"

CultureDavid Macek

The European Youth Conference was held in Prague. Among the organizers of the event was David Macek, who recounts how it came about and his surprise at the Pope's message.

Sofia Romano as the Princess in "Liberi tutti", the opening show

Meeting 2022: performances, beauty and the dialogue between worlds

CultureMaria Acqua Simi

Chesterton's "The Surprise," Giovanni Scifoni's Saints, Roberto Mercadini's Leonardo and Michelangelo. Plus the Sinopoli Youth Orchestra and a tribute to Claudio Chieffo... The theatre and music shows on the agenda at the Rimini Meeting.

Photo: Archivio Meeting

Exhibitions at the Meeting 2022: The crack and the passion

CultureDavide Perillo

Thirteen exhibitions covering the most diverse themes: the centenary of Giussani, Pessoa, Families for Hospitality, science, photography... Here is what we will find among the pavilions of the Rimini Meeting.

Vasilij Grossman on the war front in Germany, in 1945

Grossman: "Violence always destroys homes"

CultureAndrea Fazioli

War, the home and the self. This is a good time to re-read "Life and Fate" by Vasilij Grossman, who spent his youth in Berdyčiv, a Ukrainian city then part of the Russian Empire. Translated from the April issue of Tracce.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, Rome 1967 (Photo: Franco Vitale/Reporters Associati & Archivi/Mondadori Portfolio)

"There was no boundary in that light between man and man”

CultureSimone Invernizzi

Pier Paolo Pasolini was born on March 5 one hundred years ago. "Right now, I am apocalyptic. I see before me a dreadful world, one that is becoming more and more horrible. I have no hopes.” Yet he continued writing until his final days... why?

“This Urge for the Truth”


Presentations, round-table discussions, exhibits and performances, the New York Encounter returns February 18–20. An opportunity to encounter those who face the most unsettling questions.