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Red Balloon by Paul Klee. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Balthasar and Giussani: Encounter in Einsiedeln

CultureAlberto Savorana

In light of the recent presentation on "L'Impegno del Cristiano nel Mondo" in Milan, Italy, we published an excerpt from The Life of Luigi Giussani on the dialogue between theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar and Giussani around which the book is centered.

Joseph Stalin (left) and Vladimir Lenin. Part of larger photo of VIII Congress of the Russian Communist Party. Via Wikimedia Commons

Russia, 1917: A Shattered Freedom

CultureFrancesco Braschi

A century later, we look at the less-studied reason for the Russian Revolution through a journey begun at the Rimini Meeting with Bulgakov, Frank and their contemporaries. Their "conscious humanity" is precious to us today.

Job Puts God on Trial

Job Puts God on Trial for the Suffering of the Innocent

CultureIgnacio Carbajosa

"Borges described the book that tells the story as “sublime.” Claudel wondered, “Who ever pleaded the cause of man with so much energy?” Here is why the Biblical story challenges our reason as modern women and men. " Article by Jot Down

Crossroads. Giussani Series on Faith & Modernity.

Luigi Giussani Series on Faith & Modernity

CultureRose Tomassi

In New York, a dialogue between Dr. Michael Waldestein and Fr. Solanus Benfatti, organized by Crossroads Cultural Center. The fascination and life of Msgr. Giussani, in his relationship between faith and modernity.

Journalist John Waters. Photo / Flickr

The Sense of Things

CultureJohn Waters

There is much talk of a post-truth society and of “scams.” However, these are merely consequences of the absence of concreteness. John Waters journeys through our way of staying informed. From the May issue of Tracce.