Culture - 2014

Around the world. Public Domain CC0

The Scott Brothers and the Beginning of Our Journey

CultureRoberto Fontolan

A director recalls the journey towards making a documentary film about the Movement around the world. "I desired to tell this story, a kind of aesthetic of the life of the Movement, in all of its drama and beauty."

2014 Rimini Meeting posters. Courtesy of Meeting Rimini

Destiny Has Not Left Man: The Guests, Themes, and Meetings

CulturePaola Ronconi

"To the ends of the earth and of existence, destiny has not left man alone." Peace and dialogue, immigration, justice and charity are just a few of the themes that will be tackled at the 2014 Rimini Meeting.

Flannery O'Connor and Peacock. Flickr

I Take it All as a Blessing

CultureLuca Doninelli

Fifty years have passed since her death in 1964, and next year will be the 90th anniversary of her birth. Flannery O'Connor:

Physician holds a patient's hand. Via Flickr

Ending it All... by Law

CultureAlessandra Stoppa

When he least expected it, Marc Beauchamp saw the people promoting euthanasia in Québec in an entirely different light....

Mark Zuckerberg. Photo by Brian Solis via Flickr

The Knots in the Web

CultureMattia Ferraresi

"Facebook may have ceased to be the dominant topic of conversation, but it has not ceased to be a fundamental instrument. Traces asked three managers at Facebook to comment on a phenomenon that has radically changed our way of communicating."

Patrick Kavanagh statue along the Grand Canal in Dublin. Photo by Maurice Frazer via Flickr

The Eternity of April Clay

CultureJohn Waters

It is strange to think that any one book could change your life, but this may be close to the case in my own life...

A kid and a computer. Via Flickr

Why Don't You Get Up Off the Couch?

CultureJohn Waters

A reflection on the effects of technology on our culture. How has it changed the way we think of education, friendship, communication, experience, and life as a whole?