Culture - 2004

Plato's allegory of the cave. Wikimedia Commons

Real Reality or Big Software?

CultureMaurizio Crippa

A report in the science magazine Focus on the question of the substance of reality. Unfortunately, when all is said and done, a state of mind persists that sees only doubt and deceit. But there is a fact which triumphs

Artist Henry Ossawa Tanner. Wikimedia Commons

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Art of Belonging

CultureJoshua Stancil

We present here the story of the great black painter Henry Tanner who lived during trying times when the question of race was dramatic in America. Nowadays, his talent is fully appreciated, and we can admire his works even at the White House.

Walter Isaacson [R] & Walker Percy [L]. Flickr

Walker Percy: Doctor of the Soul

CultureGregory Wolfe

The characters in Walker Percy’s novels start out “lost in the cosmos.” An experience sends them out on a search. Ultimately, they come to see themselves as pilgrims.

University of Notre Dame Campus. Wikimedia Commons

Rights and the Mystery of Man

CulturePaolo Carozza

Paolo Carozza, Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, reflects upon the origin of rights and human dignity in American society.