Culture - 2007

Photo by ESA/Hubble

When Nature Responds to Our Questions

CultureMario Gargantini

From a Nobel Laureate stirred by the exhibitions to mathematicians passionate about the “force of evidence,” here are the scientists who participated in the Meeting.

John Milbank. Wikimedia Commons

Reflections of an Anglican

CultureAlberto Savorana

One of the most open and acute minds in British philosophy was a guest of the Cultural Center in Milan this past February 27th. From the Anglican world, an example of the broadening of reason, in harmony with the Pope’s invitation.

'Return of the Prodigal Son' by Rembrandt via Wikimedia Commons

Fatherhood and Source

CultureGiacomo Maniscalco

What does it mean to be father today? More than merely a role to fill, fatherhood is about source and generating. The following contributions document the centrality and meaning of fatherhood from ancient to modern times.

Franz Joseph Haydn. Wikimedia Commons

Haydn's March

CultureKristi Brown

In his time Franz Joseph Haydn was labeled Papa Haydn for his paternal care and acknowledgment of other composers of his time. Here we examine his generosity as a peer and his influence as a musician.

Father Elijah by Michael O'Brien.

The Wound of Beauty

CultureEdoaro Rialti

The Canadian writer and painter, Michael D. O’Brien speaks to Traces of his relationship with beauty, of his wonder before the Mystery of reality, of freedom, of being both sons and beggars, and of love as knowledge.