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'David Playing the Harp' by Jan de Bray via Wikimedia Commons

The Song of David

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

Almost three thousand years after they were composed, the Psalms, born as the “form of dialogue defined by God Himself for His relationship with His chosen people,” still describe the human heart, the heart of every man, in every time, of every faith.

'Santorini #6' by William Congdon via Wikimedia Commons

Light in the adventure of a Stormy Sea

CultureRodolfo Balzarotti

Two years after the death of the great American artist. The initiatives of the foundation that, established in 1980 at Congdon's behest, now bears his name.We talked about it with Vice President Paolo Mangini, the artist's friend since 1960.

Stars. Public Domain CC0

Flashes of the Infinite

CultureMarco Bersanelli

An interview with Nicolò Dallaporta, one of the fathers of modern cosmology. A long life of research keeping in mind all the factors of reality. " All of life is a miracle and man is the greatest miracle of all". An encounter with a master

Musician Chris Vath. Flickr

The Birth of a Music

CultureMaurizio Maniscalco

An interview with musician and composer Chris Vath on the New York community and music.