Culture - 1999

Luigi Giussani

The "Encounter" of the Editor

CultureLuca Doninelli

" is the recognition that we have of the knowledge we have gained through the encounter, through the event, and thus the choice, using reason, to adhere."

David Dancing Before the Lord. Wikimedia Commons


CultureDavide Rondoni

In the Old Testament the figure of the King embodies the People and forms one thing with it. The example of the second King of Israel. His mission for the greatness of the People, his great humanity at grips with human history and misery.

Modena Cathedral. Wikimedia Commons

The 900 Years of Modena Cathedral

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

The splendid church in this Italian city, the symbol of her people's unity. Built at the behest of Matilda of Canossa to bring the population back to an obedience to the Pope's.

Manhattan, New York. Creative Commons CC0

New Music in New York

CultureJonathan Fields

A year of working in Manhattan's most important agency for advertising jingles. Together with David Horowitz, his wife Jan, and his band, the adventure of doing something together that stimulates creativity and multiplies possibilities