Culture - 2012

Author Jack Kerouac. Photographer Tom Palumbo via Wikimedia Commons

The Rebel Returns Home

CultureGianluigi da Rold

Walter Salles’ film On The Road affords an opportunity to read the novel of the Beat Generation by Jack Kerouac, a figure critics have deemed “icon of an era.” His is the story of a man who did not want to lose himself to conform to society.

'Free Curve to the Point' by Wassily Kandinsky via Wikimedia Commons

Something perfect

CultureLuca Fiore

From baseball to theology (passing through Kant, the Bible, and Moby Dick,) we present a face-to-face encounter with PAUL HARDING, the former rock musician who won a Pulitzer Prize with his first novel.

Mesopotamian Ruins in Modern Iran. Wikimedia Commons

Fragments of the Absolute

CultureLuca Fiore

The archeologist Giorgio Buccellati explains why the polytheism of “his” Mesopotamians speaks to the reason of us moderns and presents us with an alternative: either “analyze” or “accept the unforeseeable.”

Author Charles Dickens. Wikimedia Commons

Charles Dickens
On the Way home

CultureLuca Doninelli

Two hundred years ago, one of the greatest storytellers of world literature was born. Why is his kind of storytelling still relevant today? The answer lies in the intertwining of two mysteries, which only a genius manages to keep together.

The Cosmos. Creative Commons CC0

The “I” and the Stars

CultureMarco Bersanelli

Not only the “heavens” but everything speaks of the Creator. An astrophysicist whose job is to search for the origins of the universe, gave the following presentation at the Pontifical Council for the Laity on the theme: “The Question of God Today.”