Culture - 2001

Ernest Hemingway. Wikimedia Commons

A Mad Love for Life

CultureGiancarlo Giojelli

Soldier, womanizer, wanderer, journalist, winner of the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes for literature. The portrait of a man in search “of an adventure which can give meaning to every instant.” Fourty years after his death

Painted Cross. Wikimedia Commons

The Mystery Within the Painted Cross

CultureMarco Bona Castellotti

Over the course of centuries: from Christ alive and triumphant to Christ dead and patiens. A voyage of discovery of the iconographical subject that combines and embraces both the human and divine natures of the Son of God.

The Stock Market. Wikimedia Commons

A Bottle and Work

CultureGiancarlo Cesana

For work to exist, it has to have a meaning. The same is true for businesses, whether big or small. We are together to live and testify to the meaning of everything. The beginning of a struggle in the world. Reflections about adults at work.

Contemplating the Cosmos. Public Domain CC0

These Creative Physicists

CultureMario Gargantini

A meeting with world-famous cosmologist John Barrow. A stimulus for rethinking what propels scientific research. Against the sterile polemics of the professionals of reason.