Culture - 2006

Edmund D Pellegrino. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Immortality Pill: a Disastrous Illusion

CultureMarco Bardazzi

What is happening in the world of medical inquiry? A discussion with the Chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics Edmund Pellegrino, who warns that science’s indiscriminate use of biotechnology will inevitably lead to eugenics.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Wikimedia Commons

Amadeus. A Continuous Font of Beauty

CultureEnrico Raggi

An insignificant, solitary little man. He knew it, but didn’t care. For him, the Beauty that had filled his void was enough. The profound sentiments of the musician laid bare in his very human letters

Pen and Paper. Wikimedia Commons

The Love Behind the Gaze

CultureGregory Wolfe

"Paul Mariani has demonstrated how great literature can help us maintain a gaze upon reality–even when that look seems to see little more than nothingness." Here we examine some of Mariani's work.