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Books for GS: Chosen for great things

CultureSara Tosi

Her family wished a good marriage for Catherine, a quiet life. But the Lord calls her when she is only six, so that she might shake the life of the powerful upon earth. One of the books recommended to GS students for the summer.

Arlene Gallagher, Rebekah Lamb and Julián Carrón

“A festival of humanity”

Current EventsMichela Young

In a presentation of the English translation of "Reawakening Our Humanity", the book's provocations were placed at the centre of a dialogue to better understand what questions have emerged in this period, and how they can be sustained.

Luxembourg: the charity “bouncers”

Current EventsPaolo Perego

Simone and his friends have lived in Luxembourg for some years now. During lockdown, they realized that there is a food distribution service for the poor in the parish. It is an opportunity to resume charitable work, and to learn again what it really is.

José Luis Álvarez Palacio

The bubble and a different logic

Current EventsSilvia Guidi

A group of ambassadors to the Holy See asked Julián Carrón to discuss the themes of Reawakening Our Humanity with them. A rich and profound conversation. We spoke about it with the Ecuadorian representative José Luis Álvarez Palacio.


Portugal: “Confront my questions, without fear”

Current Events

A Portuguese presentation of Reawakening Our Humanity will take place today. Manuel, 18 years old, after reading it during quarantine, told his friends about it. Here is what he said, and the dialogue that followed.

The presentation in Paraguay

Paraguay: "The richness of our fragility”

Current EventsNora Gauto de Meyer

A three-way dialogue on “Reawakening Our Humanity” between various protagonists from Paraguay’s political and cultural landscape, to better understand where to find answers to so many questions at this time.

Baldwin and Race

CultureRose Tomassi

An introduction to James Baldwin and his considerations on race, written for those who were joining in the preparation of the James Baldwin exhibition at the New York Encounter 2020.

Presentation of "Reawakening Our Humanity"

Current Events

An English presentation of Reawakening Our Humanity, with Fr. Julián Carrón and contributions from Rebekah Lamb and Arlene Gallagher, moderated by Giuseppe Pezzini.

Macerata-Loreto. Carrón: "Life as vocation"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

On the eve of the 42nd Pilgrimage, which this year will be in the form of a pilgrimage on the evening of June 13, the message of the President of the Fraternity of CL.

'Woman with a veil', exhibited in Rome

Raphael: The Great sweetness

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

He died young, five hundred years ago. A short life, but with an intense and precocious artistic fecundity. After the lockdown, a great exhibition on the artist re-opens in Rome, an opportunity to see his work free from stereotypes.

Security measures in the streets of Maputo

Mozambique: fairy tales on the telephone

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

Isabel lives in a Maputo slum and is at home because of lockdown. Her only connection to her school are Misnia's calls, who reads stories to her. An initiative of AVSI that, in addition to health awareness, tries to fill the educational void.

Misnia Zefanias Vilaculos, 22-years-old, librarian at the Xtinza cultural centre in Maputo
Fr. Giussani

Fr. Giussani’s lesson: God has created us for joy

Current EventsJulián Carrón

From Corriere della Sera, an excerpt from the preface to the fourth volume of the series Cristianesimo alla prova [Christianity put to the test], a collection of lessons and dialogues by Fr. Giussani at the Fraternity Exercises of CL.

 Pilgrims in the Marche countryside

Macerata-Loreto: The desire for the impossible

ChurchAlessandra Stoppa

This year, there will be no hundred thousand people along the 28 kilometers that separate Macerata and Loreto. However, the 42nd Pilgrimage will take place on the evening of June 13. How and why? Monsignor Giancarlo Vecerrica explains.

The arrival with the Madonna in Loreto
 The distribution of medical supplies in Nairobi

Kenya: The horizon is beyond the village

Current EventsLuca Fiore

Lockdown in Nairobi and a nationwide curfew. The fruits of so many years of work that has set a people back in motion within their territory. The first in a series of contributions about the Coronavirus emergency from the areas in which AVSI operates.

Lesson via radio at the Dadaab refugee camp