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Pope Francis

Education: A new cultural model

ChurchPope Francis

Pope Francis' video message for the meeting on the "Global Pact for Education". Seven commitments for a global approach, founded upon the Church's Social Doctrine.

José María del Corral (on the left) with Pope Francis

Education: With that "pact" in your DNA

ChurchPaolo Perego

On October 15, via video link, the meeting called by Pope Francis to "Rebuild the global educational pact". José Maria del Corral, founder of Scholas Occurrentes, talks about a story born from the encounter with Cardinal Bergoglio.

José María del Corral

You Only See What You Admire

Current Events

Notes from Beginning of the Year Day for adults and university students of Communion and Liberation, which was held via video link on September 26, 2020.

Julián Carrón, Eduard Sala and Joana Bonet

Barcelona: “Either orphans or children”

Current EventsYolanda Menéndez

While infections in Spain are rising, journalist Joana Bonet and Eduard Sala, of the local Caritas, presented the Catalan edition of "Reawakening Our Humanity" alongside Julián Carrón. "Are you really saying that this reality is not an obstacle?"

"Fratelli tutti". Pope Francis' encyclical

ChurchPope Francis

The document signed by Francis in Assisi on October 4, about fraternity and social friendship that "allows us to acknowledge, appreciate and love each person, regardless of physical proximity, regardless of where he or she was born or lives."

USA. What is next?

Current EventsMartina Saltamachia

The presidential election in November, political polarization, unemployment, and racism... these are all part of a single challenge facing American society: “Choosing reality instead of the world of ideas.” From October Traces.

Society is changed by those who have been changed already

Current EventsLisa Lickona

The US presidential elections, anti-racial protests, and an increasingly polarized country. What is the contribution of Christians today? A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas and John Zucchi to revisit Fr. Giussani’s "From Utopia to Presence."

Sergio Daniotti showing the Pope Bernardino Luini's 'Christ Crowned with Thorns'

The Pope to the Pharmaceutical Bank: "Globalizing treatment"

Current EventsDavide Perillo

200 volunteers from the foundation that organizes the Pharmaceutical Collection Day were received by Pope Francis. "The sharing of goods can improve our society and bear witness to that love in the neighbourliness that the Gospel requires of us."

(Kevin Butz/Unsplash/)

Change of plans

SchoolPaolo Perego

After years of teaching in which she planned every detail thoroughly, Luísa Costa Cabral found her work shaken up by the coronavirus pandemic. Now it is time to return to school in Lisbon, in September Traces, she reflects on what has happened to her.

Luísa Costa Cabral
(Photo: Deleece Cook/Unsplash)

Starting again

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

Going back to school and learning from what happened: “The essentials are what mark the road to follow.” In September Traces, Anna Frigerio, the headteacher at the Sacred Heart School in Milan, speaks about returning to the adventure of education

Anna Frigerio
Adrianus Simonis with John Paul II in 1985

Adrianus Simonis: Lifelong loyalty

ChurchWim Peeters

On September 2, the Dutch Cardinal passed away at the age of 88. A loyal priest for over 63 years, a bishop for almost 50, and a cardinal for more than 35 years, he was a great friend of the movement and a regular guest at the Rimini Meeting.

The port in Beirut after the explosion on August 4 (Photo: Unsplash/Rashid Khreiss)

Lebanon: “It is not enough to rebuild houses”

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

A month after the explosion at the port in Beirut, the future of the country, which was already on its knees before the tragedy, remains uncertain. The Church, AVSI and others are helping the Lebanese people to start over. And to not abandon their land.

Beirut (Photo: Avsi)
Carrón in Rimini (Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Carrón at the Meeting: "Where does hope originate?"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

A preview of the September issue of Traces. The full text of the dialogue between Bernhard Scholz, President of the Meeting, and the head of CL from this year's special edition of the Rimini Meeting.

Fr. Andreij Iurevic con Jean-François Thiry

"The Meeting is happening again here. I see it in his eyes"

Current EventsLuca Fiore

The volunteer "ambassadors" in Moscow set up a live streaming marathon. Almost six hours to describe what the event in Rimini was and is. New and old friends. The usual siberians, an Orthodox priest and his wife, who said...

Theo Boer

Life: A mystery

Current Events

Care for the person in every instant, starting from reality and not from ideas. The testimony of three doctors at the Meeting: Theo Boer on euthanasia, Antonio Pesenti on the Covid emergency and Elvira Parravicini on neonatal care.

Meeting 2021: "The courage to say I”

Current Events

The final statement of the 2020 edition. The numbers, its themes and protagonists. Next year the event will take place between Friday 20 to Wednesday 25 August.

A volunteer at the Palacongressi di Rimini

The madness of the possible

Current EventsAlessandra Stoppa

In this "dizzying moment in history", some snapshots of the unprecedented week in Rimini which unfolded along the lines of what "could not be and is". "The awakening of the human? It is here before our eyes!"

The exhibition ''Bethlehem Reborn''