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Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna

Out of torpor: The dialogue between Zuppi and Carrón

Current EventsStefano Filippi

In a meeting about the pandemic, the Archbishop of Bologna spoke about himself and how he has been experiencing the health emergency. A dialogue with two voices - different and consonant - in the company of Abbé Pierre, Paul Claudel and Etty Hillesum.

John Paul II on the day of his election

"Karol, do you love me?”

ChurchMarina Ricci

On May 18, one hundred years ago, St. John Paul II was born. A man and a pastor who changed the history of the world and of the Church, from the Solidarnosc epic to the days of his illness. Always carrying the answer to that question within his heart.

Pope John Paul II the Rimini Meeting, 1982
Mikel Azurmendi

The reawakening of our humanity and the power of testimony

Current EventsMikel Azurmendi

"In the encounter there are no rules, only humanity." Anthropologist Mikel Azurmendi reads, in Carrón's ebook, the re-proposal of the experience of the first Christians, necessary during this lockdown period. His article from

Coronavirus and "the fragrance of the event"

Current EventsMaurizio Vitali

The pandemic and self-awareness. The dialogue, organized by Bicocca University of Milan, between psychotherapists Fabrizio Asioli and Giovanni Stanghellini, and Julián Carrón. Three different but consonant ways of describing what is happening to us.

"What saves us from nothingness?"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

The introduction of the text that Julián Carrón is preparing on the topic "What saves us from nothingness?"

Julián Carrón (Foto: Lupe de la Vallina)

Carrón: "Let us not deflect the impact with reality"

Current EventsSimone Baroncia

How do you conquer fear? What contribution can Christians make? What challenge does this pandemic pose to faith? The president of the Fraternity discusses the themes of his eBook "Reawakening Our Humanity” with Read the interview.

School learns to educate again

SchoolLuca Fiore

The health emergency has closed schools, but has not stopped classes. In a meeting organized by the Milan Cultural Centre, teachers and principals talk about the surprises, and the problems, of recent weeks.

Carrón. Reawakening Our Humanity

Current Events

The fragility of existence and the "bubble" in which we lived. Then, "an unforeseen and unforeseeable interruption of reality, wearing the face of the coronavirus." In this ebook, Carrón describes how this "dizzying time" offers us a great possibility.

Fr. Claudio Burgio

Fr. Claudio Burgio: "Everything will be for the good”

Current EventsGiorgio Paolucci

On the outskirts of Milan, fifty young people from the Kayrós community are living in "cloistered" isolation. What does this mean for them? "In front of certain questions, slogans are not enough," says the founder of the community.

Some of the young people of the community

Latin America: "Like children before God”

Current EventsPaula Giovannetti

"Why do we not sing together?" A group of friends “meet” online during the Coronavirus crisis “to share, from wherever we are, a treasure.”

Easter 2020: The videoposter

Current Events

The images are taken from "The Gospel according to Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, the poet whose verses accompany the words pronounced by Fr. Giussani in St. Peter's Square in 1998.

David Horowitz

Music, Beauty and David’s eyes

Current EventsJonathan Fields

David Horowitz, New York musician and composer, and part of the history of CL in the United States, died on Monday. In 1997, he spoke during the presentation of Fr. Giussani's The Religious Sense at the UN. A friend's memory of him.

Horowitz with his friend Jonathan Fields

"Life is of no use if not used to serve others"


"We were put in this world to love him and our neighbours. Everything else passes away, only this remains." Pope Francis' homily on Palm Sunday, at the beginning of Holy Week. St. Peter's Square, Sunday, April 5.

The Holy Week booklet

Current Events

Texts and prayers that Fr. Giussani always proposed to help us live Easter.