Carrón in Rimini (Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Carrón at the Meeting: "Where does hope originate?"

A preview of the September issue of Traces. The full text of the dialogue between Bernhard Scholz, President of the Meeting, and the head of CL from this year's special edition of the Rimini Meeting.
Julián Carrón

"I believe that the event in which we are participating is an example of the reawakening of our humanity. In the midst of this situation, who would have dreamed that we could have a Meeting on such a scale, with participation by 120 town squares throughout the world and an unthinkable creativity? This is just one example, but it shows that, in facing a crisis with openness to the provocation it is for our life, we can see a reawakening of our creativity and capacity to commit our energies that has surprised many people. It is a reawakening that comes not–as we sometimes think–despite the difficulties, but precisely because there are difficulties, which force us to seek out alternate roads and possibilities, to utilize hidden resources that would otherwise remain buried. Many of the innovations we have seen with this Meeting–that we see now and will see in the future–came about because of the provocation of the last few months, without which they may have taken years to develop. I begin with the Meeting, because the most concrete way to respond to your question is with an example. Against all odds, the reawakening is happening right in front of us." [...]

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