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Charles de Foucauld (Illustration: Nausicaa Dalla Torre)

De Foucauld: The rain will come again

ChurchAndrea Fazioli

His life was marked by the movement from emptiness to presence. His work on Tuareg language and poetry was permeated by wonder. What did the soon-to-be-canonized French missionary find in the "desert”?

Pope Francis (©Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)

The Pope: "The rosary against the madness of war"

ChurchPope Francis

"Let us pray for the leaders of nations, so that they might not lose the “pulse of the people” who want peace and who know well that weapons never achieve it, never." Pope Francis' words at the Regina Caeli.

Vasilij Grossman on the war front in Germany, in 1945

Grossman: "Violence always destroys homes"

CultureAndrea Fazioli

War, the home and the self. This is a good time to re-read "Life and Fate" by Vasilij Grossman, who spent his youth in Berdyčiv, a Ukrainian city then part of the Russian Empire. Translated from the April issue of Tracce.

A drawing by Ivanka in which a woman gives a soldier seeds: "Put these seeds in your pocket, because when you die, at least sunflowers will grow where you lay.”

Canada: "My drawings for my Ukraine"

Current EventsIvanka Galadza

Ivanka is an illustrator in Canada, and is of Ukrainian descent. In the face of war, she chose to help her people by selling her work "to bring attention to the reality of hope" and that "evil doesn’t have the last word."

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi (© Catholic press Photo)

Zuppi: “The charism, an open window"

ChurchPaola Bergamini

“The search for truth within experience, without wanting to defend anything. For him, every encounter was a discovery.” In the April Tracce, the Archbishop of Bologna recounts what impressed him the first time he saw Fr. Giussani.

Pope Francis (©Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)

The Pope: "May Christ grant peace"

ChurchPope Francis

At Sunday's Regina Coeli, Francis again made an appeal against war that "must stop, in obedience to the words of the Risen Lord, who on Easter Day repeats to his disciples: 'Peace be with you!'"

Against war: The courage to build peace

ChurchPope Francis

A new book brings together Pope Francis’ thoughts on peace, weapons and conflict in the world. We have translated an excerpt from his introduction.

Don Giacomo Tantardini

Giacomo Tantardini: A simple story

ChurchLucio Brunelli

On the tenth anniversary of the death of Don Giacomo Tantardini, priest, disciple and friend of Fr. Giussani, here is an account written by one of his former “young people”, published in L'Osservatore Romano.

The Christ of the Armenian Cathedral of Lviv (photo: Ansa)

No war is stronger than the victory of Christ

Current EventsFr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori

"From Easter flows a river of reconciliation between men, Churches and peoples.” The contribution of Fr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, Abbot General of the Cistercians (from

Pope Francis during Mass on Easter Day. Rome, 17 April 2022 (©Alessia Giuliani/Catholic Press Photo)

Francis’ peace

ChurchAndrea Tornielli

The Pope has been warning the world for years, but his words against war have almost been considered a nuisance lately. "Today, more than ever, we need the Risen Crucifix to hope for reconciliation."

Mariupol, Ukraine (©Victor/Xinhua/Ansa)

Santoro: "To be artisans of fraternity and peace”

Current EventsFilippo Santoro

Entrusting ourselves to Mary, the Pope's teaching, and our task in the face of the conflict in Ukraine. The letter of the Archbishop of Taranto from the newspaper "Avvenire".

The Holy Week Booklet

Current Events

The texts and prayers that Fr. Giussani always proposed as an aid to live the Easter period.

The Pope showing a Ukranian flag sent from Bucha (© Ettore Ferrari/Ansa)

The Pope: "Put an end to this war!"

ChurchPope Francis

At the end of today's General Audience, showing a Ukrainian flag that had arrived from Bucha, Francis, once again, made an appeal to "silence the weapons".

Refugees at the Polish border

At the border: "We are well made"

Current EventsGiacomo Lonardoni

"Do you want to come to Poland tomorrow?" Thus began the adventure of an engineering student, Giacomo, who a few hours later found himself heading for the border where Ukrainian refugees are welcomed. The account of a journey born from the "law of existen

Pope Francis at the meeting with migrants (©Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)

The Pope in Malta and the "night of the war"


During his trip to the Mediterranean island Francis again spoke of the drama of the conflict in Ukraine and the refugees. From his speech to the Diplomatic Corps to an interview on his return, here are the Pope's words...

Communication of Davide Prosperi on Cardinal Farrell's letter

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

The message of the President to the Fraternity regarding the letter of the Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life from February 22, with some interpretative notes and considerations on the step that the movement is asked to take.