The Christ of the Armenian Cathedral of Lviv (photo: Ansa)

No war is stronger than the victory of Christ

"From Easter flows a river of reconciliation between men, Churches and peoples.” The contribution of Fr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, Abbot General of the Cistercians (from
Fr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori

Easter celebrates a victory, that of Christ over death, over death that is the fruit of sin. It is enough to be aware of this to realize the essential convenience of Christ in the world, in today’s world and forever. We do not need someone to manage the problems of humanity. We need someone who saves us from death and evil, and saves us at its root. The root of every evil in the world, whether personal, social or global, has been and always is the freedom of man who refuses, so to speak, to lovingly breathe the freedom of God.

The breath that God breathed into Adam's earthen body, the breath of life, not only gave him animal life, that life that all living beings receive even without that "kiss" that Adam received from God. The breath of life that man receives when formed in his mother's womb is a breath of life and love, a breath that generates freedom because a divine freedom wants him and loves him and awaits his free loving reciprocation.

Sin is like a breath deviated from God's breath, a life deviated from God's love, that is, from communion with Him. Then man finds himself having to generate his own fruitfulness. Affections, work, art, everything seems to be lacking breath because man's freedom is too fragile to face life in solitude.

And yet, God immediately returns to accompany man in their adventure of life. God's freedom, which is total charity, never ceases to offer His companionship along man's journey. "Oh happy fault!" we sing on Easter Night, if Adam's proud frailty allows God to express his mercy more clearly to us, just as a mother makes her affection felt more concretely to her fallen and wounded child.

Christ's Easter is a resplendent light that is born out of darkness, a more fruitful life that is born out of death. If we believe in it, if we experience it, because it is an event that always happens again and now, we can no longer fear or despair in the fact of the falls and deaths that always wound our lives and our world, even if plagues or unexpected wars darken the horizon of history and the serenity of hearts. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is stronger than Christ's victory over death and sin, because nothing can resist the ever-surprising face of God's omnipotence: love, forgiveness, mercy. God does not win with more powerful weapons. God wins by disarming every power of evil with the innocence of the Cross. "Innocence" means the renunciation of harm. We sing it in the Easter sequence, "Christus innocens Patri reconciliavit peccatores – Christ the innocent one reconciles sinners to the Father.”

From this mystery flows a river of reconciliation between men, Churches and peoples. If Christ reconciles us with the Father, how can we not surrender ourselves to reconciliation among ourselves?! Then we understand that the way of peace passes through the recognition that my enemy, even an entire nation, is already loved and forgiven by the Father, because the only-begotten Son makes innocent by his blood the evil and hatred that subsist among us as a terrible mistake, a lie that falsifies the reality of a communion already accomplished in the victory of the Risen One.