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The bridge between Denmark and Sweden (Photo: Johannes Rubensson)

Sweden: The bridge

WorldPaola Ronconi

Life with the link to Denmark closed, far away from friends with a new job... Valentina talks about what has changed in her daily life in Malmö. From the April issue of Traces.

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Romania: widening your gaze within the pandemic

WorldDavide Perillo

In Romania, problems have multiplied and children are abandoned to their own devices. Sometimes 5 or 6 people live in a one-room apartment. Simona Carobene, from the NGO Fdp, talks to us about their new projects created in response to the emergency.

Yan, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: "You are full of hope"

WorldPaolo Perego

Yan is part of the small CL community: "Instead of weakening our bond, isolation is making us take School of Community more and more seriously." A vitality that stands out.

Rosetta Brambilla in the favela (da

The flood and Rosetta’s hope

EncountersDavide Perillo

For days she has been on the front line rebuilding one of the educational works set up thanks to her in Brazil, which was devastated by mud. Today she recounts what she is experiencing: "A great opportunity to touch the Lord with my own hands".

Brother Elio Croce (Photo: Mauro Fermariello)

Uganda: How Brother Elio responded

WorldMaurizio Vitali

“He taught me to forgive and to love.” In the midst of feuds and massacres, Brother Elio Croce unified a people simply by serving them. These are the stories of his life through the eyes of those who knew him. From February Traces.

Fr. Luigi Giussani

Fr. Giussani and I. Confessions of a headteacher

US, UK and MoreLuca Fiore

Sixteen years since the death of Fr. Giussani, the story of Hans van Mourik Broekman who "met" Giussani last year, making him reconsider his way of working and living his faith. From the February issue of Traces.

Fr. Pigi presents at New York Encounter 2018

Pigi Bernareggi on Fr. Giussani

EncountersPigi Bernareggi

On the occasion of the death of Fr.Pigi Bernareggi, we present his witness at the 2018 New York Encounter event, A Human Gaze, A History: the Life of Luigi Giussani. "He opened our eyes to the presence of God in everything."

The church of Saint Francis Xavier in Taishan (Taiwan)

The beating heart of Xiao Ping

WorldPaolo Perego

From January Traces, the story about the woman from Taipei mentioned at the Beginning Day. She dedicated her life to work and had no religion until she became ill. The encounter that changed her life continues to transform the lives of others.

Communion at the "Drive-Thru" in Harrisburg, South Dakota

Fr. John and the “Drive thru”

US, UK and MoreFr. John Rutten

A new, suburban parish in a town in South Dakota. The pandemic, the loneliness of the people, and the suspension of Sunday Mass. Fr. John recounts what has been happening, and talks about the line of cars in his driveway.

Photo: Unsplash/Bill Oxford

Francesco’s fifteen minutes

WorldPaola Bergamini

Qualified by decree, he immediately finds himself visiting Covid patients at home. The story of another young doctor in a time of pandemic, and of the "care the Lord has for me".

Photo: Unsplash/Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

Cecilia and the bursts of Light

WorldPaola Bergamini

She found herself assisting patients in a Covid ward without even celebrating her graduation. Yet, amidst so much fatigue and suffering, she finds herself "taken by the hand" by someone. The story of a young nurse.

Nur-Sultan, the capital city of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: "When God interrupts you..."

WorldLyubov Khon

A series of "Christmas meetings," including poetry, education, charity. Online, but with guests from around the world. Here is what has been happening in and around Karaganda in recent months.

Photo: Unsplash/Vladimir Fedotov

"That whisper that sweeps cynicism away"

WorldPaola Bergamini

In the last few months, recent medical school graduates have found themselves catapulted into the hospital in the midst of a state of emergency. What have they seen and experienced? Some of them have told us, like Melisa, a first-year graduate resident.