School - 2020

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Change of plans

SchoolPaolo Perego

After years of teaching in which she planned every detail thoroughly, Luísa Costa Cabral found her work shaken up by the coronavirus pandemic. Now it is time to return to school in Lisbon, in September Traces, she reflects on what has happened to her.

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Starting again

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

Going back to school and learning from what happened: “The essentials are what mark the road to follow.” In September Traces, Anna Frigerio, the headteacher at the Sacred Heart School in Milan, speaks about returning to the adventure of education

School learns to educate again

SchoolLuca Fiore

The health emergency has closed schools, but has not stopped classes. In a meeting organized by the Milan Cultural Centre, teachers and principals talk about the surprises, and the problems, of recent weeks.

The conference “Allowing the human to grow: today’s educational need” at the Catholic University in Milan

Milan: The risk of educating "for real"

SchoolPaolo Perego

The last step on a journey that began three years ago to deepen a topic dear to Fr. Giussani: education. Five testimonies from the world of education in dialogue with Cardinal Angelo Scola.

The GS students on a hike

GS Argentina: The encounter and the colors that God uses

SchoolFernando Pérego and Cecilia Porfirio

Five days in the Sierra near Buenos Aires. A breath of fresh air from the violence and drama in which they are immersed. And the possibility of change, both for them and for their country.