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Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

Universitas: A Lived Experience


The heart of a Catholic university is an experience of the relationship between faith and reason. When faith and reason are split, the experience of universitas disappears

Luigi Giussani

The Hand that Went Up at the Back of the Class

SchoolClaudio Pavesi

Fr. Ambrogio Pisoni was stopped by a man who said to him, “I am Pavesi, the one who put his hand up on the first day of schoo” After that there were several more meetings, and Claudio Pavese agreed to tell us something of his relationship Giussani

'Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles' by Artist Duccio di Buoninsegna via Wikimedia Commons

Educating for a More Human Society

SchoolMichelle Riconscente

"In 2003, The Avalon School opened its doors to 102 boys, and currently serves 220 students from grades three to twelve." An interview with Richard McPherson and Kevin Davern.