School - 2007

Teacher with her Students. Flickr

Why It's Worth Beginning Again

SchoolAlberto Savorana

As students, teachers, and parents all plunge into the education system, ready to return wearily to the old routine. But is there a chance that educating and being educated will become an adventure that makes it worth getting up happily in the morning?

Milan, Italy. Wikimedia Commons


SchoolPaolo Perego

A Latin and Greek teacher at the Berchet High School in Milan, Elisabetta Cassani speaks of obedience at school: “If there’s no goal, if you’re not trying to get anywhere, obedience has no meaning”

Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

A School for the Person

SchoolAdolfo Leoni

For the first time in Italy, a state school was named in honor of Fr. Giussani, “an extraordinary protagonist of the civil and religious life of our times”