School - 2018

When a New "I" is Generated


Notes from a dialogue with Julián Carrón and a group of students at the CLU Equipe in Italy on the theme, “By these facts, you will know that I am the Lord.” From the October issue of "Traces."

Teacher with her Students. Flickr

Those Who Accept the Risk

SchoolInes Maggiolini

What does it mean to be a “teacher” today? A conference with Julián Carrón marks 40 years since Fr. Giussani’s "The Risk of Education" was published. A discussion full of life and the reasons for life.

Bumping into a Life

SchoolPeter Fields

A group of university students from North America worked together for a year on an exhibit on Fr. Luigi Giussani. The result was 21 panels showing how his experience continues to shape theirs today through an ongoing companionship.