The Way of the Cross at the GS Easter Triduum.

Greeting from Julián Carrón at the conclusion of GS Easter Triduum

Fr. Julián Carrón's message to the High School students who participated to the GS Easter Triduum.
Julián Carrón

Dear friends,

I cannot think of you without being moved, joining myself to this most beautiful and dramatic period that you are passing through at your age. How I would like to be close to you!

It is a time in which “the eternal mystery of our being”, of which Leopardi spoke, comes to the surface. I know that sometimes the appearance of this great mystery in your lives baffles you, so much does it surpass you on every side, so immense that it cannot be mastered.

Who are you, that you fill my heart with your absence?”, Lagerkvist says.

But precisely the ability to perceive this absence, this “mystery of our being”, is the most important resource that you’ve received, a gift made to your human nature: the detector for discovering what truly responds to your expectations. Ernesto Sabato understood this well: “The nostalgia for this absolute is the invisible, unknowable background with which we face everything in life.”

I am always amazed when I think that Jesus bet everything on the heart of those first two who met Him along the banks of the Jordan, on the heart as the criterion of judgment: “Come and see.”

When He said this, Jesus recognized that they had the capacity to grasp what responded their boundless desire for happiness, making them aware of their dignity.

At the same time, he posed the greatest challenge to them: they could not cheat, not with their heart, not with what corresponds to it, once they had met Him.

Inviting them to walk with Him, He offered John and Andrew the chance to discover the breadth of His friendship, a friendship so decisive for reaching the happiness they sought, without taking the place of their freedom. He even challenged their freedom like no one else could have done, so much did the attraction of His presence pressed their hearts.

I dare you to find an adventure more fascinating than this!

Happy Easter
Your companion on the journey