School - 2014

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Brueghel the Elder.

Lifting the Curse of Babel

SchoolDamian Bacich

"To overcome the foreignness, the extraneousness of the other is one of the deep desires that propel us to learn new languages. Professor of language Damian Bacich analyzes the importance of communication and language.

High School Students. Wikimedia Commons

Beyond Measuring

SchoolAnnemarie Bacich

Why do we go to school? What and how should we be taught? A high school teacher introduces the importance of "the true, the beautiful and the good" in the classroom amidst an educational system "rooted in the practical and pragmatic."

Why School?


The pressures put on schools is high. Here is a look into those pressures within the educational system and a reintroduction to the fundamental reasons and questions behind schooling.

A Humanity That Heals

SchoolSuzanne Tanzi

"If our kids are lost, they are lost because the adults are lost. It is not because by nature the young person is lost. Actually, the natural position of a young person is to be 'in search of.'" A discussion between Fr. José Medina and Dr. Pedro Noguera.

Teacher with her Students. Flickr

A Humanity that Heals

SchoolSuzanne Tanzi

An “all-invasive culture” threatens our educational system and the very fabric of our society. Two American educators share their positions in a dialogue on the primacy of “relationship,” which allows adults and youth alike to discover who they are.

Fr. Julián Carrón at the 2014 New York Encounter. Photo by Nick Erickson

You are Growing and Your Needs are Exploding!

SchoolApolonio Latar

High school students from all over the United States and Canada came to New York City to meet with Fr. Julián Carrón on Saturday afternoon at the 2014 New York Encounter.