School - 2010

Students in Kenya. Wikimedia Commons

An Outcome that Goes Beyond the Exam Results

SchoolPaolo Sanna

We examine some educational problems and difficulties in Kenya and ask ourselves how to address them. Strengthened relationships between students and teachers certainly seem to be a step in the right direction.

President George Bush, the primary force behind 'No Child Left Behind'. Wikimedia Commons

No Theory Will Save a Teacher

SchoolDino D’Agata

The evolution of the teaching method. A deeper look into how to truly educate students beyond the education heirarchy.

Plato's Symposium by Artist Anselm Feuerbach via Wikimedia Commons

Excuse Me, Teacher, What Is a Master?

SchoolPaola Bergamini

The school year has begun. As a help for all our readers, we take a look at those who accept the challenge to go into the classroom, to see what arms they use in the educational battle, and what promise there is, for themselves, in a lesson.

Facebook. Creative Commons CC0

The Train Has Left the Station

SchoolSal Snaiderbaur

The proliferation of social media arose cultural concerns from distracted students to psychological disorders. Are we getting further from reality or closer up? Here is Sal Snaiderbaur, technology expert and Professor of Global Business and Media.

14th Century Scholasticism. Wikimedia Commons

Neutrality Does Not Educate

SchoolLinda Stroppa

A year ago, we published the story of a father’s case against the teaching of Ethics instead of Religion in his son’s Catholic high school. Now, the Québec Court has ruled in his favor “because pluralism does not mean freedom.”

A Medieval University. Wikimedia Commons

Choosing to Live

SchoolSilvia Guidi

A young person asks himself: “Should I go to college? What do I want to do and be?” 900 students preparing to finish high school met Fr. Carrón in Rome, asking for help in their choice. He challenged a more radical question: “What use is my ‘I’?”

Christ Discovered in the Temple by Artist Simone Martini via Wikimedia Commons

Hungry for Reality

SchoolPaolo Perego

We went to explore what is going on in the “GS” student world, and discovered dozens of experiences, and faces–a network of relationships that tell of young people who started to take life seriously–tales of a friendship that breathes life into people.

Stem Cells. Creative Commons CC0

Revisiting Stem Cells

SchoolSerena Miggins

Dr. Emerson Perin, the first in the US to receive approval to inject stem cells into heart failure patients and Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, internist and ethicist, bring their decades of study and experience to engage in an educative moment for the public.

Burial Plot of Fr. Luigi Giussani. Wikimedia Commons

The Charism of Experience

SchoolAlberto Savorana

Luciano Pazzaglia–explains why Fr. Giussani, totally dedicated to young people, is one of the greatest Christian educators.

Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio De Janeiro. Wikimedia Commons

Generated By a Gaze

SchoolSilvana Ninivaggi

In Belo Horizonte, a woman led from Italy to Brazil by Fr. Giussani’s embrace, long ago. Today, we find a soccer school, nurseries, and children becoming educators. Her house is well known and passersbys even make the sign of the cross when they pass.