School - 2021

The meeting of education at the Loano Pre Meeting

If education is full of hope

SchoolFrancesca Gargantini

A dialogue between Fr. Pigi Banna and writer Eraldo Affinati at the Loano Pre Meeting. The topic was the relationship with young people, both in and outside of school, struggling with the difficulties and the novelties brought on by the pandemic.

GS: Summer reading


One of the books proposed to GS students for summer reading is Miguel Mañara by Oscar V. Milosz. To perceive again what is at stake in life.

Fr. Julián Carrón

Education: the revolution is a life that is different and new

SchoolAlessandro Banfi

Thousands of people connected to the online meeting with Julián Carrón, promoted by CL. The dramas and challenges of young people, teachers and parents during the pandemic. "The meaning of life is not transmitted by DNA..."

Daniele Mencarelli (Photo: archivio Meeting di Rimini)

Mencarelli: the intensity of the unexpected

SchoolPaola Bergamini

A dialogue with the Roman writer and poet on the themes that will be addressed during the meeting on education on January 30. During the pandemic he met online with 10 thousand students in 300 schools. The challenge of educating "with one's own life".

Photo: Unsplash/Dylan Ferreira

"Education, the responsibility of the gaze”

SchoolEraldo Affinati

Writer and teacher Eraldo Affinati founded "Penny Wirton" in Rome, a free Italian school for immigrants. Ahead of the meeting with Carrón on January 30, he discusses his experience of lockdown and the letter written by teachers from CL.

The letter in "Corriere della Sera" on January 10

“The example we must give as teachers”


The letter written by some teachers of CL to "Corriere della Sera" after the delay of face-to-face teaching in Italy. They recount what they are experiencing, their difficulties, but also the possibility of hope for their country.