School - 2011

'The Old Guitarist' by Artist Pablo Picasso via Flickr

The Challenge of Sam

SchoolLinda Stroppa

In a high school, an eighteen year old committed suicide the day before graduation. His gesture shook Jeffrey and his classmates deeply, and they wrote a flyer about what enables them to "fall in love" even with their own need.

The Pope Visits Sacred Heart

SchoolBenedict XVI

Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI To Faculty Members, Representatives of the Staff and Students of Sacred Heart University.

Nave of St. Benedict's Abbey Church in Atchison, KS. Wikimedia Commons

A Hammer is Not a Compass

SchoolSuzanne Tanzi

Can the university be more than “the last hurrah” before adult life takes over? Exploring the crucial matter of what real teaching and learning are with Kim Shankman, dean of a Midwestern college, we push the boundaries of the academic milieu.

Dr. Jerome Lejeune. Wikimedia Commons

Love for Truth... on Display

SchoolBarbara Gagliotti

Eight high school students and a teacher are driven by the desire to know more about the life of Servant of God Dr. Jerome Lejeune. The challenge to share what they discovered in an exhibit found its inspiration in Giussani’s "The Religious Sense."

Dr. Kenneth Miller. Wikimedia Commons

Life AND Science: Suggestive Signs

SchoolBruce Buff

From evolution to prayer, DR. Kenneth Miller and Dr. Charles Townes reflect upon the place of God and humanity in science revelations. Here is a rare meeting of scientific minds that "try... to understand" the complexity (and simplicity) of the issues.

'Christ and the Apostles' by Artist Georges Rouault via Flickr

Breaking into Three Dimensions

SchoolSanti Ramos and Chiara Tanzi

College students around the nation questioned reason's relation to faith in their work on Fr. Giussani's "The Religious Sense." A new people walk together in an explosion of learning to be able "to listen, laugh, respond, and, be surprised" every day.

The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Tomb by Eugene Burnand via Wikimedia Commons

The Urgent Need For Judgement

SchoolJulián Carrón

Notes from the synthesis by Fr. Julián Carrón at the Equipe of the University Students of Communion and Liberation. Milan, March 26, 2011.