School - 2016

The Knights of the Holy Grail in Lyons, Denver

The Universe Isn't Enough For Us

SchoolPaola Ronconi

Forty Junior High kids discover friendship in the mountains of Lyons, Colorado, for the vacation of the Knights of Denver. For the first time, ten of them were from California.

Students in the Maidenhead GS Community. Traces

They Constantly Surprise Me

SchoolPaolo Perego

About 30 teenagers gather for meetings, organize parties, and try to get their classmates involved, because as Fr. Pepe often reminds them, “they have the same wound you do.”

Students in Class. Wikimedia Commons

Bringing Unconditional Love Back to the Classroom

SchoolRebecca Vitz Cherico

An article on education in America originally published in Aleteia. “What you need is a teacher who has an affection for you, for who you are, and who is willing to walk with you through the difficulties of life”.

Children at the Little Prince Primary School, Kibera.

"Generating Beauty" at the New York Encounter


John Waters, an Irish journalist, visited the impoverished communities in Africa. His journey resulted in the exhibit "Generating Beauty: New Beginnings at the Ends of the World," a highlight at the 2016 New York Encounter.