School - 2008

Middle School teacher. U.S. Air Force photo by Mark Herlihy

Those Who Accept the Challenge of Education

SchoolMaddalena Vicini

On the eve of the new National Assembly of CL teachers, a journey through classrooms across Italy discovers what has been happening in the life (and work) of those who embraced the provocation launched by Fr. Carrón at last October’s Assembly.

Fr. Luigi Giussani with students, 1960.

Education: A Fullness That Overflows

SchoolAlberto Savorana

The Berchet High School commemorates “its” teacher, Fr. Giussani, with a plaque. An evening of deep reflection on his passion for education.

Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Kancelaria Prezydenta via Wikimedia Commons

From La Sapienza to Reason

SchoolStefano Filippi

The door slammed in the Pope’s face by the Roman university? Is it a “regrettable incident,” to be forgotten in a hurry or remarkable opportunity to get to the bottom of the relationship between faith, knowledge, and the search for the truth?

Young student. Via Wikimedia Commons

Defending a True Education

SchoolMichelle Riconscente

The freedom to educate our children to the meaning of all things is a decisive issue for our society. What we need are teachers who have verified this meaning for themselves. The ultimate solution lies beyond the scope of politics.