School - 2012

'Sermon on the Mount' by Artist Carl Bloch via Wikimedia Commons

A Desperate Need For True Education

SchoolTimothy Hermann

With the election coming, religious freedom has come to the fore. Where does our understanding of religious liberty originate? How can our government threaten it? Expert Dr. Philip Hamburger examines the relationship between religion and government.

Kony 2012 Poster. Wikimedia Commons

Click, Cry and Move on?

SchoolTricia Branagan

A recent YouTube video marked a milestone in social networking: in less than a week, it captured the attention of over 100 million people. Some students around the U.S. explored the phenomenon, acknowledging that only a relationship can truly move us.

'The Homily of Saint Peter' by Artist Lorenzo Veneziano via Wikimedia Commons

Beacon in a Darkening World

SchoolChris Bacich

Facing the “weight of the culture” head on, maverick champion of Catholic education Keith Kiser describes a path of learning that begins with “a humanity renewed from the inside out,” with an attention to the desires of the students.

A Village in Ecuador. Creative Commons CC0

Quite Another Thing

SchoolDavide Perillo

A nursery school that reveals what Christianity is, the eyes of Amparito, the mothers of her quarter, and the people we met in this metropolis at 8,500 feet above sea level, when we visited Ecuador...

Peruvian Landscape. Creative Commons CC0

Generation Peru

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

In the classrooms of a university for the poor in Lima, the Movement met hundreds. It began from three young professors to “the story of a new society." Here you see the charism of students, adults, and children, or in the middle of the Amazon...

Bogota, Colombia. Creative Commons CC0

With the Eyes of a Child

SchoolDavide Perillo

In the country known for the war against drug traffickers, it is possible to meet people who are “visibly...happy.” We find them in three schools, in a milk products factory, and encounters along the way in a friendship starting with a magazine article.

Collage of Social Networks. Artist Tanja Cappell via Flickr

Faith in the Twitter Era

SchoolMarco Bardazzi

Friendship, follow, save...What do these words mean in the world of the web? Fr. Antonio Spadaro, Editor-in-Chief of the journal La Civiltà Cattolica (Catholic Civilization) and expert on new social media, explains how the internet is changing our lives.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. Wikimedia Commons

Horizons of Renewal

SchoolSuzanne Tanzi

Entrusted with the faithful of Ireland during trying times, Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin–speaker at this year’s NY Encounter–assesses the situation, sharing his hope in the life and history of the Church.

Christ the Shepherd. Flickr

A Hand of Offering Now

SchoolJacqueline Hamm Aldrette

The Atrium is a children’s “gathering place”dominated by quiet exploration that offers families a way of approaching the reality of Christ present. One parent describes “an education to wonder” that begins with an “active Presence.”

"The Butcher's Shop' by Artist Bartolomeo Passerotti via Wikimedia Commons

The Best Thing about You is Being Chosen

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

A teacher is someone who has a true passion and “is never in crisis.” This is how Fulvio learned a job that he knew nothing about.