School - 2003

Church in Carate Brianza, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

A Method at Work

SchoolEmilia Vergani

“The art of the educator is to make a proposal so that the young person may be in a condition to grab onto it.” Emilia relates her experience in education at the In-presa Center–an outreach center for disadvantaged youth–in Carate Brianza, Italy.

Lima, Peru. Wikimedia Commons

The university in the Andes Forming Free Men

SchoolDado Peluso

Created four years ago in a populous quarter on the outskirts of Lima at the initiative of Bishop Lino Panizza, the University continues to grow. Its secret: a friendship that spans the ocean.

'Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles' by Artist Duccio di Buoninsegna via Wikimedia Commons

Education: Mercy in Action

SchoolPaola Ronconi

Two teachers and a carpenter. Three testimonies on the centrality of education in human experience, which everybody forgets. In the Movement, education takes concrete form as a continual exaltation of the “I” in its relationship with all of reality.