Easter 2020: "I am living, not I, but You are living in me"

Notes of the contributions from Pigi Banna and Julián Carrón via video link with members of Gioventù Studentesca. Holy Saturday, April 11, 2020.

Banna May our desire to participate win in us; to participate however we can. Let us have the attentiveness, the silence, and the openness necessary to not treat this event as merely one of many occurring via our computers and phones over the last month. To place ourselves in this position of attentiveness, openness and silence, we ask Our Lady that we may have the same attitude as her, when she received the annunciation of the angel.


Reality has disrupted all our plans
We are meeting in the strangest of ways, a way none of us could have envisaged a month ago. A month ago, we had the luxury of complaining about our usual routine, we anxiously worked towards the thousands of deadlines that life was presenting us with; until, suddenly, as we all know, reality disrupted all our plans. The COVID emergency has put a stop to our run, changing our habits, but, most of all, has made us face problems which we thought we could put aside. As with any crisis, it has forced us to focus on the essential, on the fundamental questions.

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