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Luca Matone (left) and Maria Teresa Landi. Photo by Kaleigh O'Brien

The Art of Science

US, UK and MoreBruno Cassará

What does it mean to be successful in research? What drives their work? Can the work of the scientist be viewed as an art form? A conversation at the 2017 New York Encounter with Maria Teresa Landi, Polly Matzinger and Luca Matone.

A Ultimate Concern: Flannery O'Connor's Approach to Reality. Photo by Brenda Abdelmesih

An Ultimate Concern

US, UK and MoreBruno Cassará

"Flannery O’Connor is a writer who does not spare her readers the hardness of reality. But it is a corrective, even a redemptive hardness." Gregory Wolfe delivered a talk on writer Flannery O'Connor at the 2017 New York Encounter.

Tom Leopold

In The Midst of the Rubble: Tom Leopold and Stories of Life

US, UK and MoreDebra Sheldon

Tom Leopold gave a witness to the truth of the 2017 New York Encounter theme through his own experience of conversion to Catholicism after accompanying his daughter through a life-threatening eating disorder.

(L-R) Simonetta D'Italia Wiener, Maria del Socorro del Rio and Jackie Aldrette. Photo by Sofia Wiener

An Awakened Heart

US, UK and MoreMadeleine Tanzi

Debut screening of an award-winning documentary about an education and nutrition center in Mexico, organized by AVSI USA and presented by co-director Simonetta D’Italia Weiner at the 2017 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Violinist David Han Marks, pianist Chris Vath and cellist Rubin Kodheil. Photo by Migi Fabara Martinez

Invasion 14: An Original Composition

US, UK and MoreSiobhan Maloney

A new work by Christopher Vath for narrator, violin, cello and piano set in the squalid WWI prison of the Maxence Van Der Meersch novel. Performed Saturday night at the 2017 New York Encounter.

Stephen Sanchez (left) and Alejandro Marius. Photo by Sarah Rivas

The Work of Life

US, UK and MorePatrick Tomassi

"Work is a necessity for every human being." Alejandro Marius shares his experience managing Trabajo y Persona in Venezuela at the 2017 New York Encounter.

Mariagustina Fabara Martinez plays the adult Hellen Keller. Photo by Mary Sarah Ivers

Until We Have Looked into the Darkness

US, UK and MoreSuzanne Lewis

The opening night of the 2017 New York Encounter was a multi-media stage performance written by Emily Green and co-directed by Green and Jo Vetter.

(L-R) Paolo Carozza, Joseph Kaboski, Carolyn Woo and Brian Grim. Photo by Amy Knaus

Economy With a Truly Human Purpose: Is It Possible?

US, UK and MoreRose Tomassi

"All three speakers ... stressed the importance of recognizing and acting on our own freedom as social, political and economic participants." Paolo Carozza, Carolyn Woo, Joseph Kaboski and Brian Grim tackled human economics at the 2017 New York Encounter.

Workers in a Gulag. Wikimedia Commons

A Smile in the Gulag

WorldLuca Fiore

She was arrested, tortured, and sent to Siberia. The accusation? Having spread news about the Church in Lithuania. And yet, Nijole Saunaite speaks of her jailers as “my KGB brothers and sisters...”