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Fr. Pietro Tiboni

Fr. Tiboni: A Man of Faith in front of the world

Current EventsFr. Julián Carrón

Message of Fr. Julián Carrón to the friends of the Ugandan Community on the occasion of the departure to Heaven of Fr. Pietro Tiboni. "Father Tiboni has given us an example of what faith is: the loving recognition of a Presence ..."

Photo by Massimo Quattrucci

The Knight's Quest

SchoolPaola Bergamini

They arrived from all parts of Italy and the world for an audience with the Pope. Here is the account of a day that gathered more than 5,000 middle school kids to learn that “the world is changed by opening the heart.”

The Paul VI Hall full of Knights
Journalist John Waters. Photo / Flickr

The Sense of Things

CultureJohn Waters

There is much talk of a post-truth society and of “scams.” However, these are merely consequences of the absence of concreteness. John Waters journeys through our way of staying informed. From the May issue of Tracce.

Video of Carrón & Rahola (Subtitled in English)

Current Events

Presentation in Barcelona on Disarming Beauty. Fr. Julian Carrón and Pilar Rahola dialogue about the book. "My head exploded. The book provoked, seduced irritated, interrogated and conquered me..."

St. Ann's Square tributes and memorials, Manchester, May 2017, via Wikimedia Commons

Manchester: "Stronger and Taller than Death"

Current Events

A flyer released by the UK community after the Manchester attack. Among pain and disbelief, "let us look at this pity and at this thirst, at this infinite desire for good, beauty, life, justice that we all are."

My heart is glad because you live, oh Christ

Current EventsFr. Julián Carrón

Notes of the introduction of Fr. Julián Carrón to the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (Rimini, April 28, 2017). "... Let us elevate our awareness, let us reawaken our responsibility!"

Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Photo by Nheyob

"Clinging to her like children"

ChurchPope Francis

Blesseds Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto are canonized in the Square in front of the Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima. "We can take as our examples Saint Francisco and Saint Jacinta, whom the Virgin Mary introduced into the immense ocean of God’s light..."

Pope Francis
Plaza de la Catedral in Havana Cuba. Photo by Davide Perillo

An Open Space

Current EventsDavide Perillo

A place frozen in time. But where things previously impossible are now happening. Strategic meetings over global politics. A new openness to the Church, and in the Church. Including the small CL community and the presentation of Fr. Giussani’s biography.

London Commuters. Traces

The Beginning on Two Wheels

Current Events

A surprising friendship is discovered among the frenetic London pace. A friendship among people that does not limit or isolate, but rather "illuminates everything".

Teacher training at the Luigi Giussani institute in the Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya.

Risk and Change

Current EventsPaolo Perego

Forty years after the first Italian edition was printed, Fr. Giussani’s Risk of Education has become a method for 25,000 teachers from Uganda to South Sudan and even Jordan. Here’s how.

The Luigi Giussani Institute for Higher Education.
GS Way of the Cross, Italy.

Carrón's Easter Message to GS Students

SchoolJulián Carrón

"Living at the height of our desire takes work. And it’s only for the audacious, as I often tell you." Julián Carrón’s message at the conclusion of the GS Easter Triduum in Italy on April 15, 2017.

Easter Cross. Flickr


ChurchFr Ibrahim, OFM

Fr Ibrahim sent greetings on Easter. "In what atmosphere will the Christians of Aleppo celebrate Easter? In that of Resurrection? Is war really over?"

Romano Scalfi. Traces

Romano Scalfi: A Life Dedicated to Church Unity

ChurchJulián Carrón

The founder of Russia Cristiana passed away on Christmas Day at age 93. Remembering his encounter with Fr. Giussani in 1957, the discovery of the samizdat, and much more.

Prison Bars. Wikimedia Commons

Risk and Redemption

Current EventsPaolo Perego

At the Meeting of Rimini, there was an exhibit on Brazilian prisons run by the prisoners. What is their secret? The leader of APAC, Valdeci Antonio Ferreira, tells why “wagering on freedom” challenges the system.