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Christ Discovered in the Temple by Artist Simone Martini via Wikimedia Commons

Hungry for Reality

SchoolPaolo Perego

We went to explore what is going on in the “GS” student world, and discovered dozens of experiences, and faces–a network of relationships that tell of young people who started to take life seriously–tales of a friendship that breathes life into people.

'Paradiso' by Artist Giovanni di Paolo via Wikimedia Commons

A Language to Hope In

CultureJohn Waters

In his new book, "Beyond Consolation," John Waters examines how modern cultural attitudes toward life and death have reached a point of despair. In describing this trajectory, he criticizes the confusion in the use of language, reason, and freedom.

Funeral of Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

The Story of a Friendship

ChurchAntonio Lopez

Five years ago, John Paul II was succeeded by Benedict XVI. What is it that profoundly links them? We asked Msgr. Albacete, columnist and author, and Dr. David Schindler, Provost Dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family, for help.

Icon of Saint Benedict. Creative Commons CC0

In Front of Him

CultureFabrizio Rossi

Silence, liturgy, work. We spent 24 hours at the Benedictine monastery founded in 1971 on the edge of Milan, Italy. It is a place where everything has value, because “it is in relation to Christ”.

Priests receiving ordination. Wikimedia Commons

Real Hope Lies in an Unbreakable Bond

ChurchPaola Bergamini

The sins of priests and religious, the dispute over celibacy, the exaggeration of the number of cases, and the pathological aspect. Psychiatrist Eugenio Borgna explains the gravity of the attack on the Church...

Saint Bridget. Wikimedia Commons

The Mother Who Made Europe

ChurchPaola Bergamini

Born to the Swedish nobility, her one desire was to become a contemplative nun, and yet she married and had eight children. After she was widowed, she left Sweden and crossed the entire continent to convince the Pope to return to Rome.

The Shroud of Turin. Wikimedia Commons

The signs of the Passion

ChurchJosé Miguel García

From April 10th, in Turin Cathedral, the cloth that, according to tradition, covered the body of Jesus will go on public exposition. How the image came to be formed on it remains a mystery...

Christ Carrying the Cross by Titian via Wikimedia Commons
Father Luigi Giussani

Full of Gratitude

ChurchSean Cardinal O'Malley

Here are some excerpts from the homilies of the Archbishop of Boston, the Archbishop of Dublin, the Primate of Ireland, the Archbishop of Milan, and the Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints.

Father Luigi Giussani
Stem Cells. Creative Commons CC0

Revisiting Stem Cells

SchoolSerena Miggins

Dr. Emerson Perin, the first in the US to receive approval to inject stem cells into heart failure patients and Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, internist and ethicist, bring their decades of study and experience to engage in an educative moment for the public.

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio. Via Wikimedia Commons

Let Us Return, Wounded, to Christ

Current EventsJulián Carrón

In the face of suffering and despair over the story of child abuse, Carrón questions our human needs, asking "what can satisfy our thirst for justice?" "Our dismay arises from our inability to respond to the demand for justice ..."

Portico de la Gloria at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Wikimedia Commons

Under the Portico of Glory

CultureGiuseppe Frangi

The portal of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is like an immense “book of stone” that speaks to every pilgrim. In the Holy Year of the Journey of Santiago, a book and an exhibition explore every detail of the Romanesque masterpiece.

John Milbank. Wikimedia Commons

Returning to Tradition

ChurchFabrizio Rossi

How is it possible to respond to a society that reduces faith to a private matter? A group of Anglicans, led by the theologian John Milbank, has an idea...

A Jewish Confirmation sometime in the Early 20th Century. Wikimedia Commons

“I, a Jew, Explain the Pope’s Outstretched Hand”

ChurchJoseph Weiler

One of the protagonists of the Jewish world discusses the bond with “our elder brothers,”explaining the wounds and steps of the Holocaust. He speaks of a relationship that requires “patience” but offers hope, beginning with the Holy Father’s gestures.

Burial Plot of Fr. Luigi Giussani. Wikimedia Commons

The Charism of Experience

SchoolAlberto Savorana

Luciano Pazzaglia–explains why Fr. Giussani, totally dedicated to young people, is one of the greatest Christian educators.

Arabic Caligraphy. Creative Commons CC0

The Challenge for the Road to Peace

CultureStephen Sanchez

“Reason is the most noble gift given to man by God,” insists Fr. Samir Kahlil Samir, who recently met a packed auditorium at the John Paul II Cultural Center in DC to continue an ongoing discussion on Islam–Christian relations. Here is what happened.

Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio De Janeiro. Wikimedia Commons

Generated By a Gaze

SchoolSilvana Ninivaggi

In Belo Horizonte, a woman led from Italy to Brazil by Fr. Giussani’s embrace, long ago. Today, we find a soccer school, nurseries, and children becoming educators. Her house is well known and passersbys even make the sign of the cross when they pass.