Encounters - 2021

(Photo © Archivio Meeting)

Immersed in the world

EncountersPaola Bergamini

"Living Without Fear in the Age of Uncertainty". The exhibit from the Meeting on secularization was born from the story of a friendship, that looks at the world without censoring anything. From October Traces.

(Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Who am I?


“Rose’s women” from Kampala, Uganda, were the protagonists at one of the most visited exhibits at the Meeting in Rimini, entitled You Are Worthy. Here is what they experienced in their days at Rimini. From October Traces.

Juan José Gómez Cadenas (Photo: ©Roberto Masi)

The miracle of existing

EncountersPaolo Perego

“Every city should be like this place.” Juan José Gómez Cadenas, a Spanish physicist, spoke at the Meeting of Rimini about himself and his questions. “Why are we here? What is all this that is never enough for me?” From October Traces.

Stefano Luca

The friar actor and the Isis children

EncountersAlberto Perrucchini

Acting school, the Franciscan vocation, the study of Islam and the theatre with child soldiers. Brother Stefano Luca recounts how he was led to encounter the stories of the children of foreign fighters.

Timoty Radcliffe (© Catholic Press Photo)

Radcliffe: Nothing human is alien to us

EncountersGiuseppe Pezzini

Do Christians need the world or must they defend themselves against secularisation? The Oxford Dominican proposes a surprising method: the imagination. This is what allows us to touch the person where they are most alive (from September Tracce).

The crack and the light


Edith Bruck, Jesús Carrasco and Elisa Fuksas. Re-watch the three interviews produced by Traces for the 2021 Rimini Meeting.

Marcel Uwineza

Rwanda: inexplicable freedom

EncountersLuca Fiore

At 14, he lost his parents and siblings in the genocide. Fr. Marcel Uwineza found himself face to face with the man who killed them, who asked to be forgiven. "I stopped being a prisoner.” From the June issue of Tracce.

Margaret Karram © CSC Audiovisivi

Unconditional love

EncountersAlessandra Stoppa

It is not forgetfulness but “looking reality in the face”. Even pain for her homeland. A dialogue on forgiveness with Margaret Karram, of Palestinian origin and the new president of the Focolare Movement. From the June issue of Tracce.

Rosetta Brambilla in the favela (da amicidirosetta.org)

The flood and Rosetta’s hope

EncountersDavide Perillo

For days she has been on the front line rebuilding one of the educational works set up thanks to her in Brazil, which was devastated by mud. Today she recounts what she is experiencing: "A great opportunity to touch the Lord with my own hands".

Fr. Pigi presents at New York Encounter 2018

Pigi Bernareggi on Fr. Giussani

EncountersPigi Bernareggi

On the occasion of the death of Fr.Pigi Bernareggi, we present his witness at the 2018 New York Encounter event, A Human Gaze, A History: the Life of Luigi Giussani. "He opened our eyes to the presence of God in everything."